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The Arab Hitler in The Knesset

http://shoebat.org/videos/sarsur.php If the “Kach” or “Kahane Chai” parties are considered by the state of Israel to be “far right,” “terrorist,” “a danger to the state,” and are barred from the Knesset, then why is the extremist Ibrahim Sarsur of the “Ra’am-Ta’al” party allowed to keep his seat? Ibrahim Sarsur is an Israeli Arab politician and […]

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Terror TV From Hizbollah

Dramas depicting Jews sacrificing Christian children and quizzes like ‘Name your Favourite Terrorist’ have made Hezbollah TV as popular as Al Jazeera. It’s been banned in Europe but in the Arab world, it’s uncompromising stance against Israel has won it millions of viewers. “It’s message is rousing for the Palestinian. It talks to the heart,” […]

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