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Muslim Woman recognized by White House helps to Perpetrate War on Women

One of the more egregious but effective tactics of the Obama administration has been the libelous and slanderous ‘war on women’ label that it applies to its opponents. Yet, one of the women it named as a ‘Champion of Change’ is a Muslim who has a problem with a documentary that spotlights the the real […]

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Muslim Punk Kicks his Mother after she Accuses him of being like his Abusive Father

There’s nothing quite like proving your mother right on national television. In this case, a young Muslim punk is arguing with his mother. The mother is explaining how the boy’s father would beat her in front of the judge while in court and then says the boy is just like his father. In an apparent […]

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Saudi Judge: Few months in jail ‘suffices’ for man who murdered his five year-old daughter after raping, torturing her

If you’d like a case study in where ‘tolerance’ leads, this is it. A Saudi preacher repeatedly raped and tortured his five year-old daughter before finally murdering her. The judge in the case said that blood money and time served (a few months) was sufficient punishment. The ensuing backlash has sucked the Saudi Royal family […]

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War on Women: if you’re a woman and flip burgers at Hardee’s, you might be a prostitute

In Saudi Arabia, there are apparently different standards for being a prostitute. For example, if you work at Hardee’s in Jeddah, cover your head to prevent the public from seeing your face, and are female, well, you might qualify as a ‘prostitute’ according to at least one Saudi cleric. Via Al Arabiya: A Twitter post […]

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War on Women: Saudi men sent text messages when their women leave the country

In this year’s U.S. presidential election, single women under thirty were convinced that there was a war on women being waged by Republicans who had the gall to expect women should pay for their own contraceptives. Code Pink’s minions literally dressed as vaginas at the Republican National Convention to protest the suppression of women in […]

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