• Cynthia Banks

    Darn you didn’t get a chance to bring up Malik Obama, or was this way before that?

  • rnot

    Ok, O’Reilly’s show is not hard news BUT he could be doing more to help make Americans aware of the problem. Yes, this interview was good for doing that but he does very little otherwise. And then that ‘fair and balanced’ crap that he and ohers do by bringing in taqiyya babbling moslems is a bunch of poop. Usually they are masters of taqiyya babble and part of the muslim Brotherhood that O’Reilly and many of the others sort of ‘forget’ to mention to the audience. In one instance, O’Reilly called a CAIR member a ‘stand up guy’. That was the day I stopped watching O’Reilly. I emailed him but he didn’t learn and I doubt he read the email.

  • blackyb

    I quit watching O’Reilly over a year ago when I realized he is not stopping the spin, but putting peanut butter on it so America will eat it a bit better.

  • CHHR

    Too bad this interview is so old… 2006 seems like eons ago now. I, like many others, often question why FOX stopped allowing Shoebat to interview… especially given the credible shout-out by Roger Ailes…

    Why is there such hyperactivity to stop the press when it comes to both radical Islam and anything else related to terrorism?

  • andrew

    O’reilly acts as though he’s not part of the SAME media he purports to condemn for it’s silence. Bill O. is a joke and has been for some time. He’s not much different then all the rest of the wimps he distances himself from!

    Walid, we as Christians better get with it, I see no recourse given our present condition in terms of how are administration is totally corrupt, both parties included.

    BTW, have you contacted Francis Chan? He’s written a few books, made millions of dollars and has given 90% of the money to Christian causes. I’m most concerned about our Christian brothers at this time then ever before.

  • Michael Sprague

    Tim my Man –You speak like a naive fool

    Obama is an Cultist———frankly he is so twisted I do not think that his inner person knows what he is ————-No dedicated Homosexual can truly connect with God