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Pope Francis Has Meeting With Major Shiite Cleric, Invites Jews But They Do Not Attend

We have always opposed Islam at, and done so in the context that Muslims, like all men, need Christ for salvation. However, reaching men with the Gospel can take a myriad of ways. Indeed, some of the best preaching is not necessarily screaming at people with a bullhorn or acting in ways that are […]

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Study: Californians Moved, But Mostly In-State

It has been reported for a while that hordes of destructive, arrogant, entitled refugees who overwhelm prosperous regions of the US and turn it into an expensive, socially-broken, morally-diseased, filth-covered hellscape which they previously attempted to flee from- also known as Californians -have been invading Texas and other states such as Utah, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, […]

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Senate Passes COVID Bill Opening The Way For Biden Bucks, Just Like I Told You It Would

Sometimes, children getting presents for something, be it from a parent, relative, for a holiday, a birthday, or something else, is like how many people today view the government. However, government is not supposed to function like this, for once it does- that the people realize they can simply vote for whoever will promise them […]

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Honduras Gives Full Human Rights To Unborn Children

Honduras is an impoverished Central American nation with a lot of problems. However, to the credit of the nation, according to Life News, she has given unborn children the same rights which born children have. The Honduran National Congress strengthened pro-life laws last week by amending the national constitution to declare that unborn babies have […]

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Report; 69% Of US Plans To Get COVID Vaccine

There is a lot of discussion and controversy about the COVID vaccine, raising questions about all things from the nature of the disease to many others. However, in a report from Yahoo! News citing the CDC, 69% of Americans are reporting they intend to receive the vaccine, up from 52% last year. More Americans are […]

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While The US Talks A Lot About Chinese Threats, She Ignores The Ranting Of The Hindu Madmen In Government On The Subcontinent

The US has spend much time talking about China abusing ‘freedom of speech’ and talking about their problems. However, one nation that the US has curiously ignored is India. From everything from Christian persecution that gets worse by the day to the proliferation of scammers destroying elderly America people’s life savings to just some of […]

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Missiles Blow Up Oil Refineries In Syria, Killing One Person

By Theodore Shoebat Missile strikes in Syria hit oil refineries and killed one person, as we read in Arab News:  Missile strikes in northern Syria near the Turkish border killed one person and injured at least eleven others on Friday, Turkish state media and a source from the Turkish-backed faction that controls the region said. […]

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Watch Out Christians, You Are Marked And Your Days Are Numbered

Christianity is in decline in the US and has been for a while. It is, generally speaking considered an unpopular thing to be a Christians. Likewise, there are a lot of people who for years have scorned those who talk about conspiracies, even though while not all conspiracies are real, there have been many real […]

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(Left) Trump appointee Federico Klein has been arrested for his involvement in the Capitol breach

Trump Appointee Arrested By FBI For Attacking Police Officers

By Theodore Shoebat A Trump appointee has been arrested by the FBI for assaulting police officers during the January 6th breach on the Capitol, as we read in Politico: The FBI on Thursday arrested Federico Klein, a former State Department aide, on charges related to the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, marking the […]

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Enjoy The Summer, Because When Fall Comes, The COVID Axe May Drop

I have said it before, and I will say it again, that there is a dual nature to the COVID crisis. Half of this is political, and half of this is medical. When I say “half”, I do not mean a literal half, but to express to issues existing in the same whole that while […]

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Report: The World Is Running Out Of Sand

It’s basically worthless, but in another sense, it is worth everything, for as far as material commodities go, sand is critical to industry around the world as far back as ancient times, as not only is it useful for building but is vital for glassmaking, abrasion work, and many other areas. However, MSNBC reports in […]

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Baltimore Schools Are So Bad A 0.13 GPA Puts You In The Top 50% Of Students

Baltimore is a scary place. Unless one is visiting select areas, much of the city has the appearance of an open-air prison, where people sit on their steps drinking from bags of unknown liquids, where curious street pharmacists dot the corners, and where whatever you do, you always keep your doors locked, windows up, an […]

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France Bans Génération Identitaire

As politics in Europe continues to shift to the right again, seeing a rise in nationalism and tribalism, France24 reports that the nation has now banned the popular group Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity) over concerns of anti-migrant beliefs and racism. France on Wednesday banned far-right group Generation Identity (Génération Identitaire), which is known to be […]

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Evangelical Identity Crisis Worsens As America Becomes Less ‘Christian’

In the US, ‘Christianity’ almost in all cases must be put in ‘quotes’ of some from, because it frequently cannot be separated from nationalistic impulses, to which many often subjugate themselves. However, American Protestantism, which largely is constituted of the ‘Evangelical’ category, is in a growing crisis as the synthetic relationship interwoven between its identity […]

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The Markle Crisis Is More Than Just Showbusiness, It’s Politics That May Threaten The Monarchy Itself

Right now, the British Royal Family is abuzz with talk of “investigations” against former royal and current wife of former Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, over claims that Markle abused two staffers and Markle shot back on Oprah that she was the victim of a smear campaign by the Queen. Mr Knauf’s email, alleging that […]

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