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Turkey’s Aspiration To Create Its Own NATO

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey’s foreign policy has less to do with dealing with the things foreign and more to do with making foreign things Turkish. The goal of Turkey, as we have been saying on this website for over a decade now, is the revival of the Ottoman Empire as part of the ideology of […]

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The New Weapons Of War Are Coming As The US Military Develops Weaponized Laser Beams

In the original “Austin Powers” film, the character Dr. Evil asked for “sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads” in order to kill Austin Powers. While this scene is ridiculous and funny, the concept of using “laser beams” as a weapon is not new. However, with the rise in technology of robotics and […]

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Supreme Court Declares: ‘Churches In New York Do Not Need To Follow Cuomo’s Anti-Covid Restrictions’

The Supreme Court just decided that churches and other houses of religion do not need to abide by Cuomo’s anti-covid restrictions. As we read in the New York Times: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo accused the U.S. Supreme Court of political partisanship on Thursday after the justices narrowly rejected his coronavirus-based restrictions on religious services. He […]

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As Americans Lose Their Jobs, Robots Take Their Place

I have consistently warned at about the rise of robotics taking the place of human beings in the workplace. Having noted the economic impact of COVID, which includes long-term job loss and fundamental economic changes to distribution systems, supply chains, and even priorities as it concerns purchasing, part of this trend will be the […]

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Update: Coptic Monk Placed On Death Row After Forced Confession, Mysterious Silence From The Coptic Orthodox Church

In August 2018, reported on the curious case of a murder in Egypt involving a Coptic bishop and two monks. You can read our full story here, but after looking at the case, this was not a simple case of anti-Christian violence, or even outright corruption from the Egyptian government, but seems to have […]

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Thanksgiving 2020 Is Almost 10% More Expensive Than In 2019, And Being Thankful Now And In The Future

Turkey is tasty and cranberries delicious, but higher prices are not. If you believe that things seem more expensive this Thanksgiving than last year, you would be correct, for according to a price analysis conducted by AdvisorSmith, the price of Thanksgiving foods from 2019 to 2020 has increased by 9.8%, or almost 10% over a […]

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He Said “Lock Her Up” But Never Did, Now Will Trump Go To Jail?

“Lock Her Up” was a de facto Trump supporter chant along with “Build The Wall” for his 2016 presidential campaign. However, Trump as he is now seen has been an utter failure in so far as it concerns his ability to follow through on his promises. It does not matter if what he says one likes […]

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The Armenian Genocide And The Russian Turkish War

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat With the Turkish scimitar hovering above Armenia, and the crescent of the red dragon lingering over Baku in Azerbaijan, and with Russian troops being deployed in Nagorno-Karabakh, we are going back to an era that we see as away and gone, dissipated in the forgotten past. We may forsake […]

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Instead Of A ‘Baby Boom’, COVID Isolation With Couples May Generate A ‘Baby Bust’

What happens when men and women are left alone together for an extended period? Historically speaking under normal conditions, and barring strong moral or philosophical barriers that are clearly exercised in a consistent way, while one may not see what happens, the proof often comes about nine months later from the woman, which is the […]

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France Backs Armenia With Vote On Resolution To Declare Artsakh A Republic

Just as the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was finishing with Azerbaijan and by extension Turkey the victors, and as Russian troops pour into Armenia and now as “peacekeepers” in Nagorno-Karabakh, the French have decided to kick a hornet’s nest (proverbially speaking) by voting a resolution to, in a historical fist recognize Artsakh, which is a part of […]

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Food Bank Report: 25% Of Rhode Islanders Cannot Meet Food Needs

America is one of the largest, if not the largest food producer nation on Earth. Now the US is not like China, where a “food crisis” can mean not eating McDonalds or one’s preferred food, whereas in the latter a pork shortage means that people really do go hungry. However, no matter where one goes, […]

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Zoomers Don’t Seem To Care About Sports

I enjoy sports, but for the most part, I prefer to play them rather than watch them, and for those I want to watch, usually they are smaller or more interesting matches. Even large-scale competitions I can enjoy, but simply for the sport itself. However, I am wholly lacking in any interest in the “bravado” […]

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German Researchers Developed Hydrogen-Powered Engines To Replace Diesel Engines

Some forms of energy are well-established. Two such examples of this are petroleum products (oil and gas) and coal (technically related to petroleum products, but in a different form). However, there are new science trends that promise potentially new items. One of these is the use of low-grade nuclear chambers using lower-toxicity materials such as […]

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Armenian Doctor Who Survived The War Between Christian Armenians And Muslim Azerbaijanis Describes The Horrors Of Islamic Attacks On The Christian Population: ‘People Were Running Into The Hospital Missing Body Parts. There Was Nothing We Could Do. Muslim Soldiers Were Taking Christians And Dismembering Them And Filming It.”

By Theodore Shoebat The horrors of the very recent Nagorno-Karabakh war between Armenians and Azeris is still being revealed to the world. Bombings of civilians, the slaughter of people through cruel dismemberment, the attack on churches — all of these things happened in this conflict. We spoke Nare Sargsyan, a doctor who works in the […]

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It’s Official As Trump Administration Begins The Formal Transition Process For The Biden Administration

As I watched this election and the shenanigans that have followed, Trump has said- and I also believe -that he will never concede the election to Biden in any sort of de jure sense. However, the de facto reality is that Trump has implicitly said that Biden has won according to NBC News as while […]

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Angry New Jersey Residents Confront Governor Ignoring His Own Regulations He Is Forcing On The Public

New Jersey has been a state that, while hit hard by the COVID pandemic, has imposed very aggressive restrictions on people in the name of controlling the pandemic. While certain ones are, in the objective sense understandable for public health, have come at a cost of potentially establishing a new philosophical standard that will have […]

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