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Saudi Arabia, alongside  Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan and Sudan, are all fighting against the Houthies in Yemen to defend Arabia, and ultimately, Mecca

Egypt, Sudan, Morocco Are Advancing Towards Yemen Fearing Threats Over Mecca’s Destruction

Sudan, Egypt and Morocco have joined the Saudi Arabia led coalition of 10 Sunni- ruled nations in air strikes against Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebels. The reason they give? It is to defend Mecca which they believe Iran is after which Iran turned Yemen into a new front in the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran. All the […]

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Fordow (or Fordo) nuclear facility, which the US is proposing to allow Iran to use

The Obama Administration Proposes To Allow Iran To Operate On Well Fortified Nuclear Site

By Theodore Shoebat  The Obama administration in Washington is now proposing to allow Iran to operate on a well fortified nuclear site, or the Fordo facility, in Iran. According to one report: Washington is considering letting Iran operate hundreds of centrifuges at a formerly secret bunker, in exchange for limiting research at other sites, US […]

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Saudi Arabia, alongside  Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan and Sudan, are all fighting against the Houthies in Yemen to defend Arabia, and ultimately, Mecca

Saudi Arabia And Nineteen Other Muslims Nations Are Making Full Out War Against Yemen To Protect Mecca From Iranian Invasion

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat  Saudi Arabia and 19 other Muslim nations have made all out war against Yemen in order stop Iran’s expansion towards Mecca, which it is doing through the force of the Houthi Shiite power.  Iran is subtly making a threatening warning against Saudi Arabia on account of its attack against […]

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Andreas Lubitz, pilot who destroyed the plane and slaughtered all of the people

CONFIRMED: The Pilot Of The Germanwings Plane Deliberately Destroyed The Plane And Slaughtered All Of The People

Yesterday, said that all of the clues lead to deliberate destruction of the plane. In the piece we did we said: After observing all of the clues in the crashing of the Germanwings plane, they do not signify technical difficulties — they lead to one conclusion, and that is hijacking or malicious human involvement. […]

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Why in heaven would anyone cast a Muslim to play Jesus Christ In the Bill O’Reilly-produced film “Killing Jesus?”

Apparently, in the entire world, the ‘Killing Jesus’ producers were not able to find a single Middle Eastern Christian or Jewish actor to play the part. Or is there another sinister agenda going on here? Lebanese Muslim Haaz Sleiman stars as Jesus, the Jewish rabbi that Christians believe was God in the flesh. The television movie is adapted from the New […]

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A remnant of the crashed Germanwings plane

All Of The Clues Lead To One Conclusion: The Germanwings Plane That Just Crashed, Was Hijacked

By Theodore Shoebat After observing all of the clues in the crashing of the Germanwings plane, they do not signify technical difficulties — they lead to one conclusion, and that is hijacking or malicious human involvement. We did an entire video on this, and it is quite revealing: As this investigation moves forward, its only […]

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Obama’s Evil Revenge On Netanyahu Continues As Pentagon Released Israel’s TOP SECRET NUCLEAR PROGRAM In An Unprecedented Move

From Artutz Sheva. In a development that has largely been missed by mainstream media, the Pentagon early last month quietly declassified a Department of Defense top-secret document detailing Israel’s nuclear program, a highly covert topic that Israel has never formally announced to avoid a regional nuclear arms race, and which the US until now has respected by remaining silent. […]

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WAR JUST BROKE OUT: Saudi Arabia In Unity With Gulf States And Egypt (The Sunni Coalition) Just Launched A WAR On Yemen

By Walid Shoebat Warplanes of the Royal Saudi Air Force bombed the positions of Yemen’s Houthi militia and destroyed most of their air defenses, Al Arabiya News Channel reported early on Thursday. Arab Gulf states had announced that they have decided to “repel Houthi aggression” in neighboring Yemen, following a request from the country’s President […]

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obama hostile copy

Israeli Government Says: Obama Is More Hostile Towards Israel Than Europe, Obama Is Making Diplomatic War With Israel

By Theodore Shoebat Israeli officials are now saying that Obama is more hostile toward Israel than Europe, and that his administration is making diplomatic war with Israel. According to the report: Israeli officials in Jerusalem said on Wednesday that the Obama Administration is acting in a manner that is more hostile to Israel than European […]

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Muslims Kidnap Hundreds Of Innocent People, And Make Them Into A Giant Human Shield

By Theodore Shoebat Yesterday reported on Boko Haram kidnapping hundreds of innocent people. Well now we know the reason why: Boko Haram wants to use them to create a human shield. According to a European report: Hundreds of civilians, including many children, have been kidnapped by Boko Haram extremists who are using them as […]

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Violent Hindus

Hindu Persecution Against Christians Has Increased To Fifty Five Percent

By Theodore Shoebat Christian life in India is becoming more and more filled with hardship and travails, and more inundated with horrifying persecutions. According to a recent report: The number of incidents against Christians in India has increased 55 percent since Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi became prime minister in May 2014, according to figures from […]

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SHOCKING! Cornell University Assistant Dean advises on how to start and get funding for a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) club and training center

Joseph Scaffido, Assistant Dean at Cornell University, is captured on hidden camera advising a Project Veritas investigative journalist on how to start and fund a pro-Islamic State club on campus, how to obtain funding to send care packages to ISIS and Hamas, and astonishingly, how to bring a member of ISIS to Cornell to conduct […]

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bodie pile

Muslims Ambush Eighty Two Christians As They Sleep On Their Beds, And Slaughter All Of Them In Major Massacre That The Media Is Ignoring

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria, who are all part of the Fulani tribe, ambushed eighty two people in a Christian village as they slept in their beds and slaughtered all of them in a new massacre of Christians that the media is not paying any attention to. Here is the story: Fulani Muslim herdsmen […]

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Muslims Kidnap Four Hundred Women And Children. They Have Already Executed Fifty Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria, all members of Boko Haram, have kidnapped four hundred people, consisting of women and children. They have already executed fifty of them. Here is the report: Militant Islamist group Boko Haram kidnapped more than 400 women and children from the northeastern Nigeria town of Damasak, according to a report […]

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The Obama Administration Is Now Having The US Military Fight Side By Side With Iranian Soldiers And Jihadist Shiite Militias (THIS WILL LEAD TO A REVIVAL OF THE ANTICHRIST EMPIRE)

By Theodore Shoebat The Obama administration is now having the US military work side by side with Iranian soldiers and Shiite militias. This is only going to help Iran take control of Iraq, fulfilling the prophecy of Daniel of the Bear (Persia) biting onto the three ribs (Iraq). Thus, America right now is helping revive […]

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Obama Is An Anti Semite 100% Pure Evil

By Walid Shoebat Now we know, the White House was directly involved in an attempt to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last week’s general election, during a nadir in ties between the Israeli leader and US President Barack Obama, a senior Jerusalem official said Tuesday. Also, Mark Levin has apparently gotten the insider details […]

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Islam is a political ideology and terrorism is just one tactic used to push it. Despite being the victim of countless acts of Islamic terrorism, America still has not grasped the full nature of Jihad. America is barely 200 years old and it is fighting a culture of deceit that was formed 14 centuries ago that it simply doesn't understand. After the worst attack on U.S. soil took place on September 11, 2001, America's leaders reached out to leaders of stealth Muslim Brotherhood front groups to help them fight terrorism. It was a fatally flawed strategy that far better served Islam than America.

The Islamic version of good cop / bad cop pits the stealth jihadist against the terrorist. Whether wilfully ignorant or not, western leaders then fail to act from the premise that both the good cop and the bad cop have the same agenda, just different means of achieving it.

Islam is an extremely racist belief structure that is rooted in hatred for all non-Muslims, particularly Jews and Christians. This hatred is masked by finding Jewish and Christian leaders who will help stealth jihadists portray tolerance while painting as intolerant and 'Islamophobic' anyone who calls them on it. Any attempts by stealth Islamists to portray tolerance of other faiths is more deceit.

In addition to bringing you the barbaric reality that is Islamic terrorism, reveals the other tactics used in Islam to commit various forms of jihad. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Sunni Islamic umbrella group. While the Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and al-Qaeda, which all are creatures of the Muslim Brotherhood, are made up of Islamic terrorists, other Muslim Brotherhood groups – like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) – wear a different face. Their jihad is political in nature and seeks to acquire power through the American political system.

Whether through terrorist or stealth jihadist, Islam seeks to have jihad carried out in various capacities. The ultimate objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is the resurrection of the Islamic Caliphate, which was previously known as the Ottoman Empire, located in what is today known as Turkey. As the Muslim Brotherhood serves as the umbrella for various terrorist and jihadist groups, The Caliph of any future Ottoman Empire will be served by the Muslim Brotherhood.