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Saudi Arabia Runs Scared To China As Turkey Gingerly Sharpens The Tip Of Her Khazouk

Saudi Arabia has been in and out of the news cycle with the exception of discussion about Mecca and the spread of COVID-19. But while the world is worried about the spread of disease, financial instability, and the growing problems of nationalism in Europe, the Wall Street Journal reports that the Saudis have turned to […]

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Prices Of Precious Metals Rise Significantly

With the world financial markets in chaos and people seeking safe havens for investment, people are pursuing a variety of avenues for preserving their wealth amid unstable circumstances. One of these traditional venues is precious metals, which MarketWatch reports has seen a nearly 25% rise in the last week due to effects of COVID-19 and […]

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Hezbollah Said That They Wanted To Blow Up Israel With The Same Chemical That Caused The Explosion In Lebanon

By Theodore Shoebat The leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, said in the past that he wanted to use ammonium nitrate to attack Israel, the same chemical that caused the catastrophic explosion in Beirut. As we read in a report from the Jerusalem Post: Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened in the past to destroy Israel by causing a massive […]

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Lebanese Officials Knew For Years That Tons Of Ammonium Nitrate Was Present In The Beirut Port. This Is Only Going To Intensify Anti-Government Sentiment In Lebanon

By Theodore Shoebat Lebanese officials knew that the ammonium nitrate that caused the explosion in Lebanon was in the Beirut port, yet nothing was done to remove the explosive material. There were a series of warnings made by two different Director Generals of Customs, warning about the presence of the ammonium nitrate. These warnings were made […]

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What Is Going On With Microsoft And TikTok?

It seems as though every election, when real issues are troubling the public and need to be discussed, there always appears a series of “side issues” that distract the public from any matter of real importance. This election cycle, while there are several matters drawing attention from the failing economy, the remilitarization of Germany, the […]

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Will The 2020 Census Be Accurate?

Since the year 1790, the US government designates that a census be taken of her population every decade. The Census, which is administered by the Department of Commerce (formerly under the Department of the Interior) is an all-inclusive look at the country, and while it has changed forms over the years, it is basically about […]

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Tens Of Millions Of People May Be Evicted In The Coming Months

Being homeless is an awful thing. Forget the obvious things such as danger, crazy people, rain, drug addicts, drunks, rapists, and just the worst men and women that one could ever meet, the kind of people that would stab a man for a few dollars because he wants a snack pack of pre-made donuts in […]

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Comedian John Cleese Declares that Comedy Is No Longer Funny

Since the 1960s, the British comedy troupe Monty Python has made millions- probably billions -of people laugh as the arguable geniuses of comedy, with their silly antics, weird costumes, avant-garde style, and very British mannerisms stormed the world of entertainment making movies and films that for a twentieth century context set a standard of humor […]

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Florida Woman Has Her Boyfriend Beat Up And Execute Burger King Employee In The Parking Lot Because Her Meal Was Taking Too Long

Having worked in the world of restaurants, there are some customers who are not only just impossible to please, but are actively dangerous. However, as society continues to spiral towards the gutter with each day, the uncommon becomes too common and the bizarre, all too much a daily occurrence. In a horrible story out of […]

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The Head Of Social Media Marketing For The German Military Is A Fan Of The New Nazi Movement In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat The head of social media marketing for the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) turns out to be a fan of the new Nazi movement, the Identitarians, who are really just modernly marketed Nazis. According to a report from Das Erste: Lieutenant Colonel Marcel B. is present on all of the Bundeswehr’s social media […]

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The Government Of Russia Is Now Building A New Version Of The Hagia Sophia In Syria As A Way To Defy Turkey

By Theodore Shoebat As an expression of defiance towards Turkey, Russia is building a new version of the Hagia Sophia right in Syria, as we read in a report from GCR: Russia has agreed to help the Syrian government build a replica of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia and use it as an Orthodox cathedral. The move […]

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Germany Approved Millions In Weapons To Be Sent To Turkey To Help The Turkish Government Invade Syria

  By Theodore Shoebat Remember when it was being reported of how there were all these tensions between Germany and Turkey over the Turkish invasion of northern Syria? Well it has now been revealed that Germany approved of millions in arms to be sent to the Turkish military, as we read in a report from […]

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Former Clinton Campaign Spokesman To Biden: ‘Don’t Debate Trump’

The 2020 presidential race seems to have the level of excitement of a geriatric checkers tournament, but according to a former Clinton campaign spokesman and reported by way of Fox News, he advised that Biden should not debate President Trump, and the answer is simple. It is because while Trump has no real arguments, he […]

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Federal Reserve: US Needs Another Lockdown To “Save” The Economy

According to a story from The Hill, Federal Reserve officials are now saying the US needs another lockdown in order to “save” the economy. The government should again impose strict coronavirus-related lockdowns for a month or longer across the U.S. in order to boost the economy, a top Federal Reserve official said Sunday. Neel Kashkari, […]

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France And Germany Want To Produce More Of Their Own Weapons, “Rely” Less On The US

We have been warning you at that Europe- specifically Germany -is going to go back to war. We have said to watch for remilitarization efforts and reductions in purchasing from the US as a part of this. Now according the German newspaper Weil am Sonntag by way of RT, France and Germany are moving […]

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