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UK Judge Rules That Doctors Can Decide To Murder The Unborn Children Of Women Who Have Learning Disabilities Without Her Consent

Modern eugenics is often associated with Germany, Russia, or Japan, but the history begins to the contrary with the US and UK. Population displacements have always happened, but it was darwinian philosophy and later, the implementation of eugenic policies in the US that inspired the movements of the old world. In modern times, eugenics has […]

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Massive Child Sexual Abuse Ring Broken Up, Hundreds Of People Arrested On Heinous Crimes

Child sexual abuse is a horrible thing, but it is also highly prevalent in society, but it is seldom seen or discussed given how common it is. What should disturb most people is how easy it is to find. It takes a little bit of effort, but the links to it are everywhere, far more […]

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The Scramble For Africa Is Officially On As Russia Now Enters Into The Continent

In the decades leading up to the First World War, a historical event known as the “Scramble For Africa” took place in which the European imperial powers- the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and to a lesser extent Portugal, Spain, and Denmark -attempted to acquire large amounts of resources to build up their societies […]

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The Future Of Dating, Relationships, And Marriage Is Very Bright For Men, Not So Much For Women

Those who have been married for a decade or longer and then either look upon with careful observation or who find themselves back in the “dating market” realize that in the last ten years massive changes have take place. Dating now, according to many, “just isn’t the same” and due to a combination of factors […]

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burkina faso

Fifteen Dead After Mosque Attacked By Unknown Terrorists In Burkina Faso

The tiny landlocked West African nation of Burkina Faso has been going through a tremendous number of terrorist attacks. It is also in an area that has pointed out just so also happens to potentially have large amounts of untapped natural wealth as well is a passageway to the geopolitically significant Sahel region of […]

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Family Fighting After Michigan Hospital Wants To Put Teenager To Death Because He Is “Brain Dead”

America has a very long history of eugenics and eugenic experimentation going back to her earliest days. The form has changed with different ages, but the principle still remains intact and has never disappeared. Abortion, the contraception movement, Indian internment camps, forced sterilization of African slaves or their descendants, experiments done on children of immigrants, […]

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New Medical Procedure To “Regain” One’s “Membership” Has Potentially Major Consequences In Modern-Day American Sodom

The New York Post presented an interesting story about a US soldier in Afghanistan who lost his member and the entirety of his reproductive capacities following a terrible blast while serving on duty. However, this soldier has now successfully undergone the most comprehensive transplant of male reproductive organs to date that is a world first […]

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Erdogan Is NOT Holding US Nuclear Weapons “Hostage”, They Are a Generous Gift From The Americans To Their Ottoman Comrades

Right now, news around the world has been reporting that Turkey may now be in possession of nuclear weapons originally controlled by the US: And over the weekend, State and Energy Department officials were quietly reviewing plans for evacuating roughly 50 tactical nuclear weapons that the United States had long stored, under American control, at […]

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Trump Backing Turkey’s Invasion Of Syria Is Not Surprising Or New, But Is Typical American Foreign Policy

By Theodore Shoebat What is happening in Syria is simply typical US policy. The Americans are allowing Turkey to invade Syria, which is exactly what we at have been warning about for years. On October of 2012 we reported on the Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Hamed al-Hassan’s warning on Turkey’s plans of expansion into […]

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Chinese “Official” Church Pastor Suspended By Godless Chinese Government After Refusing To “Curse” Taiwan In Prayer

The atheist revolutionary of German-Jewish descent Karl Marx is famous for calling religion the “opium of the people”. While he certainly did not care for it, many governments who take a philosophy of epicurean or darwinian beliefs enjoy using religion to attempt to control people for their benefit. This is part of the historical conflict […]

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Turkey Releases Almost Eight Hundred Fighters From Just One Camp In Syria warned that Turkey was not going to kill ISIS soldiers, but rather would release them because they are US investments. I have explained what is going on here and here. Not only has this predicition sadly come true, but Turkey is now releasing countless numbers of prisoners, including almost eight hundred from just one […]

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Bloodthirsty Hindu Terrorists Lie About The Bible, Say That The Bible Teaches “Lynching” So They Can Justify Murdering More Christians

Hindu terrorists will claim that they desire to speak of peace, but like the Bible says many times, their words are but lies and filled with poison. Their words are to promote racism, nationalism, and all of the evils that Sacred Scripture and Sacred tradition oppose. identified India as a place to watch for […]

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Portland Antifa Activist Killed At Bar Near Area At Center Of Fighting Between Left And Right Political Groups

There has been a lot of talk about fighting between Antifa and Neo-Right groups in the US, especially out in the Pacific Northwest region. In an interesting story, an antifascist activist from Oregon was killed in the early hours of Saturday in Portland in an apparent hit-and-run near a bar popular with the city’s anarchist […]

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Evil Drug Cartels Execute Man In Public With Fifty Bullets

Drug cartels in Mexico and Central America are brazen in their actions. Not only will they murder people in some of the most heinous ways on video, but sometimes they will also do executions right in public where people in the particular area can see what is happening. Almost all of this is related to […]

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California Mandates All State Universities Carry Drugs For The Express Purpose Of Murdering Unborn Babies

The state of California is known for passing many repressive, strange, or degenerate laws. California is also known as a place that serves as a “trendsetter” for various changes to American social life, so her actions, while disturbing, are indeed important to watch. In an interesting decision, California is now mandating that all universities carry […]

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Putin Can Boast About Protecting Russia From Missile Attacks- He Has More To Worry About From People Coming On Foot

President Putin of Russia, in traditional Russian realpolitik, has made various bold statements that make some people concerned abroad, especially in the US. One such statement that he recently made was about Russia attempting to fulfill soy and wheat deficits to China as a replacement to the US, which reported was a non-statement since […]

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