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Kateryna Kruk was hired by Facebook to combat Russian "disinformation"

Facebook Hires Actual Nazi To Be In Charge Of Combatting Russian “Disinformation”

By Theodore Shoebat Facebook recently hired a Ukrainian nationalist, Kateryna Kruk, who worked for the Nazi party, Svoboda, to be in charge of combatting Russian “disinformation” as we read in a report from RT: A Ukrainian activist who rejoiced at the sight of 48 anti-Maidan protesters burning to death in Odessa in 2014 has been hired […]

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Raping The Future To Satisfy The Present, Or The Tale Of Jamie’s Mom

An article was published several days ago concerning the financial assessment of Millennials as presented through the “lens” of corporate America. In this article, it said that corporate America has come to the realization that, due to the financial evisceration of Millennials through institutionalized impoverishment, they have little disposable cash to spend and therefore their […]

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Islamic Terrorists In Niger Issue Mandate To Christians To ‘Leave Or Die”

Islamic terrorists in Niger have been terrorizing Christians for a long time now. In a recent statement, they ordered all Christians in a nearby village to ‘leave or die’ according to reports: Boko Haram militants reportedly kidnapped a Christian woman whom they later released with a letter for other Christians living nearby: “Leave the town […]

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cover photoWaskom, Texas abortion

Town In Texas Bans Abortion And Makes Itself The First Sanctuary City For The Unborn

By Theodore Shobat A nice expression of protest against infanticide (from USA Today): A small town in Texas has declared itself the state’s first “sanctuary city for the unborn” after its city council, made up solely of men, passed a resolution banning most abortion procedures. Waskom, Texas, has no abortion services available, but supporters of the […]

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cover photo for terrible conditions within immigrant prisons

Homeland Security Inspector General Discovers Horrible Conditions In Immigrant Prisons: People Are Forced To Go Through Strip Searches, Bathrooms Are covered With Mold, People Are Made To Eat Rotten Food

By Theodore Shoebat A report from the Homeland Security inspector general (which can be read here) has shown that, upon observing the conditions of immigrant prisons, “our inspections of four detention facilities revealed violations of ICE’s 2011 Performance-Based National Detention Standards, which set requirements for facilities housing detainees.” The inspections observed the conditions in two […]

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The Building That The US Government Wants To Use To House Migrant Children Was Used As A Japanese Internment Camp

By Theodore Shoebat The building that the US government wants to use to house migrant children was once a Japanese internment camp, as we read in a report from the Army Times: A U.S. Army base in Oklahoma that the federal government says will temporarily house children crossing the border without their parents was used during World […]

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Intelligence Experts Declare: ‘There Is No Evidence That Iran Bombed The Tanker On The Gulf Of Oman.’

By Theodore Shoebat Intelligence experts recently declared that there is no evidence that Iran bombed the tanker on the Gulf of Oman, as we learn from Newsweek: The video was released a few hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared in a statement: “It is the assessment of the U.S. government that the Islamic […]

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Seventeen Hundred Child Sex Abusers And Abuser Enablers Arrested In Nationwide Crackdown

In positive news coming from the government, seventeen hundred child sex abusers and abuser enablers were arrested in a nationwide crackdown according to a report: The Department of Justice today announced the arrest of almost 1,700 suspected online child sex offenders during a two-month, nationwide operation conducted by Internet Crimes Against Children task forces. The […]

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Chinese Catholic Bishop Forced Into House Arrest By Evil Chinese Government Mysteriously Dies

A Chinese Catholic Bishop who has been a hero of the underground Church died while in house arrest by the Chinese government under mysterious circumstances according to a report: A heroic bishop of the underground Catholic Church in China has died under house arrest and will not be permitted a Catholic burial. Asia News reported […]

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Japanese Owner Of Attacked Ship In Oman Contradicts Official Amerikan Party Line

The US has insisted that it was Iranian mines which attacked a ship in Oman, but the Japanese owner of the ship has contradicted the “official” version of the story according to a report: or a moment on Thursday, it appeared that the US Navy had produced the ‘smoking gun’ to which Secretary of State […]

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Watch The Video Of A Teacher Castigating A Student For Saying There Are Only Two Genders

A video has emerged on Reddit (here, here) showing a student thrown out of class and being castigated by his teacher for saying there are only two genders: Not bad kid😉 from r/PublicFreakout Based on the accent, it seems as though the video was made in a school in Ireland. If listening to the teacher […]

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Sodomite Mother And Her Lover Cut Off Her 9-Year-Old Son’s Penis Trying To Turn Him Into A Girl, When It Fails They Stab Him In The Heart, Cut Up His Body, Barbecue The Pieces On A Grill, Then Stuff The Remains Into A Briefcase And Throw It Into A Hole

A sodomite mother and her lesbian lover in Brazil have been arrested and charged with a horrible crime. The mother and her lover tried to turn her 9-year-old son into a girl by chopping off his penis and drilling a hole between his legs to make a fake vagina. When that failed, the two stabbed […]

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Sodom-Loving Jewish Governor Of Illinois Signs Law To Turn State Into A Massive Death Camp

Illinois’ sodom-loving Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker is a Jewish billionaire who has openly and repeatedly declared his support of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and how it is one of the top ten museums in the country. But in an ironic twist of fate, Pritzker has just signed into law one of the most pro-eugenics laws […]

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Catholic Monk Attacked By Irish Pagans And Clergy For Declaring The Sodomites Are Like “Infected Zombies”

An Irish Catholic monk has come under attack from the largely pagan Irish as well as fellow Catholics, including members of the clergy, for describing sodomites as “infected zombies” for which there is largely no cure other than death: A bishop has been urged to address comments made by a religious brother who compared gay […]

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netanyahy and bolton

Former CIA Director, Admitted Liar And Secretary Of State Tells America To ‘Trust Him’ That Iran Attacked Oil Tankers Near Oman

Mike Pompeo is the Secretary of State and former CIA Director. He has admitted that his job was to hire people to lie, cheat, and steal. He has also met in private with unnamed representatives of foreign governments. Now, at a time when the US has been driving a war with Iran- one that Iran […]

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