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Yellow Vests mark 9 month anniversary despite media silence & police limb amputations

Tomorrow will mark nine months since the weekly Saturday protests of the Yellow Vest Movement began in France on Nov. 17 and which have continued despite European media silence and police usage of explosive lethal weapons. Yellow Vest activists say so far 23 protesters have lost the use of an eye, five have lost a hand, and […]

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Europe is pushing LGBT tourism to ensure financial growth

The Catalonian city of Barcelona and the Greek island Mykonos are promoting their LGBT tourism to secure their economic growth this month. Barcelona is currently hosting its ‘Circuit Festival’ from Aug. 8 – 18 for 70,000 gays of which 70% are foreigners from around 80 countries. Mykonos – Greece’s most expensive island – will also […]

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Barcelona. The lawless city.

Barcelona in the region of Catalonia has hit a record high number of murders – its last a Swedish woman found dead on Aug. 12 – placing it now as Spain’s most dangerous city. Spain was amongst the European countries with less killings and crimes until 2016 and has since risen steadily with a rapid […]

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‘A Mass cannot be forbidden’, the prior of the Basilica where Franco is buried tells amidst threats of temporary closure

  By Estefanía Aguirre The prior of the Valley of the Fallen stated that despite an amendment to a law recently proposed by the Spanish government that aims at ‘temporarily closing’ the Basilica if homage is paid to Franco, the Church cannot deny anyone the celebration of a Mass for the soul of a deceased […]

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Richard Gere_Open Arms

After Italy passes law fining ‘rescue’ ships over $1 million to stop ‘Al Bija Boys’, Richard Gere takes part in vessel publicity

After Italy announced a new security bill on Aug. 5 that says skippers of vessels transporting immigrants to Italian ports without permission could face fines up to €1 million ($1.120.000 USD) and their vessels impounded, actor Richard Gere hopped on an immigrants’ boat today close to Italian island Lampedusa. Gere took food on board the […]

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Coca-Cola sparks controversy after it floods Hungary with same-sex advertisements

Coca-Cola’s new advertisements with same-sex couples flooded the streets of Budapest weeks after the city’s pride festival, sparking controversy after the corporation became the first to publicly promote homosexuality in the country. Its new #loveislove campaign featuring posters of same-sex couples kissing and holding Coke bottles with the caption “zero sugar, zero prejudice” prompted objections […]

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Spain: Two ETA terrorists that had been sentenced to life imprisonment are set free, supporters throw celebrations in their hometowns

Despite both having been sentenced to more than 200 years in prison for crimes including kidnapping, murder and possession of explosives, ETA terrorists Xabier Ugarte Villar and José Javier Zabaleta Elosegi –the group’s second in command– were released from life imprisonment after serving 22 and 29 years. Ugarte walked free out of Topas prison in […]

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Mass demonstrations occur in Catalonia over the arrest of major nationalist leader. A “Catalonian Spring” could be on the horizon

By Estefania Aguirre  The arrests on Friday and Sunday of Catalonian government officials may lead to a ‘Catalonian Spring’ and eventually the creation of a federal Spain, if unrest continues to grow. Tensions in the region of Catalonia are very high after demonstrations were held on the evening of March 25 in Barcelona and Lérida […]

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Twitter: the neighbourhood of Lavapiés in Madrid, Spain

Major riot breaks out in Spain: rioters burn down cars and set fire to banks, after propaganda spreads accusing a police officer of killing an African man

By Estefania Aguirre ( European correspondant) On March 15, protesters took to the streets after the left-wing party Podemos – believed to have strong ties with the Bilderberg Group – blamed police for the death of a Senegalese immigrant in Madrid, Spain, who died of a heart attack. In the aftermath of the unrest, during which demonstrators […]

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French president Emmanuel Macron now wants to legalise pedophilia

By Estefanía Aguirre  The French government has proposed a new bill “against sexist and sexual violence” that will be presented on March 21 setting the age of consent to 15 and fining men up to €350 ($430 US dollars) for approaching adult women in public. French president Emmanuel Macron – married to a woman 24 years […]

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The government of Madrid declares that all Christian schools must push homosexuality on their students

By Estefania Aguirre (European correspondant)  Cristina Cifuentes Cuencas, the president of the Community of Madrid, Spain, has announced that the curriculum for all middle and high schools – and soon those for primary schools – of the region are currently being modified to include the country’s new LGBTI laws. This means that the government of […]

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