Open Letter to Pope Benedict XV1

Dear Holy Father

It with great sadness that your new papacy has gotten off to an unfortunate start with regard to its relations with Israel and the Jewish people.

You recently condemned suicide attacks in many parts of the World but failed to include a recent suicide attack in Israel that killed five innocents.

Our organization had hoped that this was just an innocent omission but alas not. Instead of apologizing for this omission, you justified the statement on terror by the amoral justification that Israel does things that “infringes on International law”. This is a great affront to the Jewish people.

The UK are fighting terror in Iraq and many in the media and internationally, including the Vatican, feel the UK is not conforming to International law. Turkey’s human rights and not to mention Egypt’s are well below par. The UK police managed to gun down a Brazilian tourist in an execution style killing, yet Israel who has to deal with 25,000 terror attacks over last five years needs to conform to some International law that no other country seems to adhere to and they (other countries)also have much less of a terror problem.

Anti Israel bias always leads to anti-Semitism. The type of verbal omission and then justification you made was the very reason the Holocaust became a reality.

I used to be a terrorist, I now dedicate my life to make people understand terror as someone who was indoctrinated to hate. Israel is the only country that continually turns the other cheek yet no one recognizes their love. Jesus turned the other cheek and was also rejected. The Jewish people are God’s chosen people and behave exactly like our Messiah who was a Jew. As I always say confession is the beginning of healing. Holy Father please confess!


Walid Shoebat


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