Mexican Evangelicals standing up to violent anti Israel mob

Now for the amazing story of Pastor Salamanca from Mexico city who is a Mexican Pastor in Mexico City who tells of the story when a few hundred pro Palestinian activists and they were throwing rocks and other material at the embassey during the recent Gaza conflict. Pastor Salamanca immediately mustered his congregation and fellew Pastors within two hours they marched with over 5000 Christian supporters of Israel and stopped the rioters and forced them to dispurce with peaceful force, the 5000 Christians waving Israel flags scared the living daylights from the cowardly rioters who were attacking the Embassey. The Ambassador of Israel thanked the Pastor and his followers.

We salute Pastor Salamanca and his blessed congregation for his brave stand and his true faith in G-d and his people.

Pastor Salamanca has a spanish speaking program on G-d’s Learning Channel and it has a huge following in Mexico which has helped to build support for Israel

G-d’s learning channel also supports us and interview Walid and other guests we work with on a regular basis. It totally focused on support for Israel and persecuted Christians.




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