Walid lends his support to Stop Mosque in Wisconsin


Walid will be speaking on Sunday March 21st at the First Reformed Church in Oostburg Wisconsin, about 45 minutes north of Milwaukee.

This has already stirred up major local controversy with local radio and Fox affiliate reporting on the story. There is much tension in the community and we expect over a thousand people to attend including many local political leaders.

The invitation was given to Walid in order to try and repel the application of the opening of a Mosque in Oostburg WI.

Based on interviews and speaking to many former Muslims we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that 99.9% of mosques in America and around the world preach the hatred of Jews, Israel, Christians and the West probably in that order. The expansion of Islamic religion in the West needs to be stopped until the first church or synagogue can freely worship in Saudi Arabia, only then should we reconsider the expansion of freedoms for Islam and Muslims. This is the litmus test; if Islam decides to reform itself as it is not our job to reform the religion that is their problem, but I believe no one would like chapters of the Klu Klux Clan who threaten and advocate violence against Black people and Jewish people to be in their neighborhoods. Having Mosques is the breeding ground for similar hatred. Having a mosque in your local neighborhood in which Islam through its Imams preach similar hate as Nazis and Ku Klux Clan as well as its desire and advocation to undermine the Constitution of the
United States, is this what we want? It can be strongly argued that because Islam wishes to dismantle the US Constitution, replace it with Sharia law that they no longer qualify as a religion but a subversive political movement that also uses violence to subdue which is in their constitution, namely the Koran and Hadith. No conservative group of the ACLU have the guts to make these challenges but they need to be made in order to preserve our freedoms for all other religious groups whose religious freedoms would be undermined. We only have to look at Islamic societies to understand this to be true.

For those who live in Milwaukee and the surrounding area, and are not going to Washington to fight health care, here is another way you can fight for the freedom of America. Attend the event on Sunday contact church for details at their website

Exposing hate is not hate speech as much as our liberal friends try to paint it.


Keith Davies
Director Walid Shoebat Foundation


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