UK Christian Congregation Evicted by Village Council for support of Israel‏

Yesterday was the last service the Christian Congregation “Fathers House” held at Gwernymynydd Village Centre, North Wales as a consequence of being evicted after 11 years because the management Committee disagreed with their beliefs concerning Israel.

“Fathers House” stands firm in their support of Israel and belief that the land of Israel was given to the Jewish people as an everlasting possession in accordance with the Scriptures. Fathers House are not willing to compromise in expounding these scriptures and in making their support for the Jewish people and the establishment of Israel widely known through many mediums including the Fathers House Website and the Christians For Zion Website.

The management of the village centre made it very clear in their correspondence in May of this year that the views expressed in the Church Website were enough of an issue for them to evict the congregation from the Council-owned centre.

This is without doubt a case of discrimination under section 45 of the Equality Act 2010.

Fathers House has been forced to avoid renting any other public facility in the County of Flintshire for fear of similar action and have now rented an Industrial Unit in the Deeside Area of North Wales in which to meet temporarily whilst looking for a more permanent home.

For more than ten years the Leaders of the Congregation have been teaching through sermons, courses, seminars, conferences and published teaching materials, the scriptural need for the Christian Community to support Israel. This teaching also includes the anti-Semitic history of “The Church” and they fully intend to continue to pursue this much needed education.

A recent Catholic Synod statement said: – “the Holy Scriptures cannot be used to justify the return of Jews to Israel and the displacement of the Palestinians, to justify the occupation by Israel of Palestinian lands.” The Methodist Church is calling for Boycotts and a Church in Wales Cannon is calling Israel ‘Oppressive and Racist’.

It is no surprise therefore that Father’s House do not believe that they would be supported by the Traditional Christian Community in the UK , however, they do know that many thousands in the Bible-believing Christian Community are not only standing in prayer with congregations such as Fathers House, but are seeking to support such ministries in any way they can.

As a result, Fathers House Congregation are first and foremost asking for prayer as they seek to purchase and establish a totally independently-owned building from which to pursue their ministry together with Christians for Zion, building the Kingdom of God through seminars and conferences, Hidden Treasure Courses, praise and worship meetings, prayer retreats, establishment of the Christians for Zion store, including putting the goods from Israel for sale on the internet, and to continue their Biblical-based teaching re: the establishment of Israel for the Jewish people. This is their vision!

They are also faced with the challenge of having to take legal action against the evicting council – a necessity, as this is the first such case of a Christian group/church being evicted for their beliefs, and the Barrister acting for the Legal Ministry “Christian Concern” want them to pursue what they say is a ‘legitimate’ case under the Equality Act because of the evidence for eviction being connected to Father’s House supporting Israel.

Please would you stand in prayer with Father’s House which is a small congregation with a Big Heart for God and His plans for the Jewish communities in Israel and throughout the world. They have never before asked for financial support but they are now at a critical juncture for their future ministry – would you also please pray as to whether you might be able to stand alongside them financially, in whatever capacity you can?

Thank you for your heart for Israel,
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