Muslim Brotherhood Doublespeak: Kamal El-Helbawi

Muslim Brotherhood Doublespeak: Kamal El-Helbawi

Dr Kamal El-Helbawi is the lead spokesperson for the Muslim Brother in the UK.Helbawy’s tune has changed. Now banned from entering the United States, Helbawy spoke in Oklahoma City at the 1992 joint conference of the Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA) and the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)—a now-defunct Hamas propaganda arm in the United States—about how Jews and Christians are the enemies of Muslims and how the now-designated terrorist group, Hamas, was holding the mantle for Muslims in “an absolute clash of civilization” against the them. Hamas, founded in 1987 as a splinter from the Muslim Brotherhood, haslong been committed to violent jihad against Israel, and has, from the outset, denied the state’s very existence. (Above sourced from Steve Emerson and Investigative Project.)

In video A and B you will see the English interviews one on Video A ABC News (Australia) and on Video B on the BBC.

On video C you will see a video translated into English which supports 100% Iran and its policies, the complete opposite what he says is in English in previous videos.


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