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Acknowledging Today’s Nazis could lead to U.S. alliance with Russia

By Ben Barrack In World War II, the U.S. and the U.K. aligned with the Soviet Union and Josef Stalin against a much greater threat – the Nazis, who were allies with the Muslim Brotherhood. Imagine a threat so grave that the U.S. had to form an alliance with a nation headed by one of […]

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Muslim Brotherhood Doublespeak: Kamal El-Helbawi

Muslim Brotherhood Doublespeak: Kamal El-Helbawi Dr Kamal El-Helbawi is the lead spokesperson for the Muslim Brother in the UK.Helbawy’s tune has changed. Now banned from entering the United States, Helbawy spoke in Oklahoma City at the 1992 joint conference of the Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA) and the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)—a now-defunct Hamas […]

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