How Fox News and Even the Jerusalem Post Serves the Devil

By Walid Shoebat

Fox News and even the Jerusalem Post is serving the Devil.

Let me explain.

People always ask me as to how would the U.S. (both liberal and conservative) including government, media would support an evil Antichrist entity as Turkey.

Well, all you have to do is watch this and you will understand:

But perhaps you still do not get the picture, so let me further explain how all this works;

Syria’s Bashar is a bad guy, Turkey is against him, so we support Turkey.

Russia’s Putin is a bad guy (heck, he is Gog), after all he invaded Crimea, Turkey is against him, so we are anti-Russia and since historically the greatest enemy of Russia was Turkey, we are pro-Turkey.

Egypt’s Assisi is a bad guy (beats the heck out of me as to why Assisi is bad) and the Muslim Brotherhood is against him, so we support the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Brotherhood wants to revive the Caliphate and are the puppet serving Turkey.

China is bad (even though they loan us all their money) and Japan hates China, heck who cares about all the massacres they committed against the poor Chinese, so we support Japan and Japan supports of course, Turkey.

Iran is bad, indeed, its true, they are definitely bad, and Syria is their ally, and so we stand against Shia Iran by supporting Sunni Turkey.

Heck, Al-Qaeda is really really bad, but they are Sunni and they hate our enemies Syria and Iran who are Shiites, so we support Al-Qaeda so long they will kill Bashar and regardless if they enter Syria through Turkey. For that we cover up for Al-Qaeda who serves the interests of Turkey.

Turkey wants Egypt, Syria, Bosnia, Israel and North Africa. Turkey even killed more Christians than any other nation on earth. Name one nation that killed more Christians than Turkey. You can’t.

But all that devil worship is ok, so long Turkey stops banning our God–Twitter.