Kardashian Keeping up with the Armenian Christians in Syria

By Ben Barrack

If as many Americans followed what’s going on with persecuted Christians in places like Syria as much as they followed the Kardashians, there simply is no telling what could be accomplished. That said, it’s noteworthy that Kim Karsashian, who is of Armenian heritage, is using her celebrity – to include 20.5 Million twitter followers – to call attention to the persecution of Armenian Christians in Syria.



To be clear, this is by no way an endorsement of the celebrity culture surrounding the Kardashians or the family’s lifestyle but it is noteworthy that someone with this much reach is drawing attention to such a desperately dire and important issue. As further indication that she’s on the right track in this case, the mainstream media that helps to promote Kim Kardashian is now attacking her for taking the right position on the persecution of Christians in Syria.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

One left-wing article reads, “Kim Kardashian Butts into Syria”s (Online) Civil War With #SaveKessab Campaign”. In a clear attempt to smear Kardashian – granted, not hard to do – while discrediting her concerns for Armenians in Kessab, the Daily Beast focuses on everything but the main topic – Christian persecution.

The article even invokes Kardashian’s appearance on the cover of the Turkish edition of Cosmopolitan magazine in April of 2011, saying it’s bad timing because “April is the month the Armenians pay remembrance to Turkey’s genocide of the Armenians”. Dumb? Yes. Relevant? No, especially in light of what’s happening in Syria today, which has been chronicled by Shoebat.com.


The UK Independent, in reporting on Kardashian’s recent activism via twitter, mocks her intelligence by implying she probably can’t ‘find Syria on a map’. Again, this is irrelevant. The media is more interested in discrediting the source of a story that needs to be brought to the public’s attention than it is in bringing the story to the public’s attention itself.

Shoebat.com has reached out to media outlets – both mainstream and conservative – to call attention to the holocaust in Syria, which does consist of an Armenian population. Our efforts to do so have largely fallen on deaf ears (Mark Levin is one exception). The virulent reaction of the media to Kardashian’s efforts speak volumes because it demonstrates not that the media is ignoring the atrocities in Syria but that it is aggressively preventing them from being revealed.

While it’s true that details of what’s going on inside Kessab are hard to come by due to how vicious the Syrian war zone has become, one thing is certain. Armenian Christians in Kessab are in grave danger and are being persecuted. There is nothing in any of Kardashian’s tweets that would indicate her endorsement of any propaganda. Yet, she’s being attacked simply for calling attention to Armenian persecution.

Those who have a problem with that are the ones with the problem.


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