Muslim Woman says “Enough”, Picks up a Machine Gun and Fights Terrorists

Do not let this photo fool you to think that this lady is any softy.


Her name is Umm Muayyid. No, she is not a terrorist with an AK47. Umm Muayyid actually fights to get rid of terrorist scum that roams roundabout her community in the Anbar area in Iraq.

Sure, she is an elderly lady in her seventies, but once you examine the video we obtained you can tell she is no lady to be messed with.

“Khansa Al-Anbar” is the title that was given to Umm Muayyid by the governor of Anbar in western Iraq Ahmed al-Dulaimi.

Looking at how this lady loads the clip of an AK47 or how she carries a Rambo style machine-gun, one can see that she has the fingers of a construction worker. Men do not even mind following her to the fight keeping her community clean from terrorist scum. But whom she fights is not just any ordinary scum. Umm Muayyid announced her entry into the ranks to the tribal security agencies, which fights the worst terrorists in the world, the ISIS. The ISIS (also known as Da’ish) is the Al-Qaeda linked group also known as The State of Islam in Syria and Iraq.

The tribe to which they belongs is Ali Abu-Fahid known to fight al-Qaida since 2006, and now they are fighting the ISIS, the organization born from Al-Qaeda.


In an exclusive statement to Anatolia Press, she said:

“I’m pro-fighter of the clan Ali Abu-Fahid. I live in the region of the city of Ramadi. I joined the ranks of the sons of the tribes and the security agencies in the fight against the elements Da’ish terrorist organization in our city .”

On the nature of her role , she said:

“I am with the police and tribal members conducting a sweep of the area day and night in order to protect these areas from terrorist groups, which have been eliminated in our areas .”

But not everybody is happy. Several media outlets criticized the Iraqi government for allowing her story to air complaining that a woman fighting is an insult to the pride of the armed forces.

Ya right !!!

While Muslim female suicide bombers can show videos of their supposed “heroism”, brave women like Umm Muayyid’s stand to fight terrorism can’t?

I say long live Umm Muayyid


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