Friedman: Global Warming ‘laid the predicate’ for Human Slaughterhouses in Syria

The title may not be a direct quote but it certainly encapsulates the belief New York Times writer Thomas Friedman expressed on national television recently. According to him, the civil war holocaust in Syria is the result of drought, not Islamic fundamentalism. While the mainstream media does all it can to ignore the mass genocide taking place in Syria right now as a direct result of Islamic fundamentalism, it gives voice to an insane liberal named Thomas Friedman, who said the following during an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation:

…what we saw in Syria. We saw a four-year drought, worst in Syria’s modern history, that preceded the revolution there and produced a million refugees that basically laid the predicate for that revolution.


In the mind of Friedman, man’s inhumanity to man is taking place in Syria right now not because of the ideology of those who are running human slaughterhouses or beheading innocent people. No, silly, it’s the fault of people who don’t believe that man is responsible for global warming. In this way, those who deny that man-made global warming exists are actually the ones responsible for the slaugtherhouses because they deny a certain junk science that Friedman believes “laid the predicate” for barbarians to slaughter innocent human beings.

During his appearance on Face the Nation, Friedman impugned those who don’t believe in Al Gore’s junk science simply because ‘scientists’ who agree with them only represent three percent of said ‘scientists’ who hold the same view. Therefore, Friedman’s incoherent logic concludes that majority rules when it comes to science.

What percentage of Muslim fundamentalists are willing to publicly agree with Friedman when it comes to drought being the cause for “laying the predicate” for their slaughter of Christians in Syria? If it’s 97%, does that mean that Friedman must be right? According to his own demented logic, it does.

Heck, jihadists can just go on slaughtering innocent people while blaming infidels for putting too much carbon into the air. In fact, while their at it, those same jihadists have been given license by Friedman to blame infidels for corrupting their religion to the point of “laying the predicate” for that religion’s followers to commit atrocities against their fellow man.

Friedman: Global Warming - not Islam - responsible for Holocaust in Syria.

Friedman: Global Warming – not Islam – responsible for Holocaust in Syria.

That CBS would provide a platform for this despicable tripe – and despicable human being – instead of using that platform to call attention to Syria’s holocaust says all you need to know.


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