Will Congressman Fail to Act after being Labeled a Racist by Attorney General?

One day after a heated exchange with a U.S. Congressman, Attorney General Eric Holder made it clear he thought Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) was racist. Holder made the comments at a National Action Network (NAN) event. The NAN was founded and is led by race baiter (racist) and former “fat rat” Al Sharpton.

Holder was obviously referring to this exchange he had with Gohmert one day earlier:

The ball is now in Gohmert’s court. In his speech at the NAN, Holder clearly implied that he had been disrespected by Gohmert because he is a black Attorney General and that it has nothing to do with Holder’s performance as Attorney General. Will Gohmert back down or take the gloves off?

As Shoebat.com reported earlier this year, Gohmert’s office is familiar with the scandal involving the IRS and the brother of the President of the United States being connected to terrorism. If Gohmert wishes to go on offense, all he would have to do is publicly present a certain one-page document signed by former IRS Tax Exempt officer Lois Lerner:



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