Antichrist Turkey caught Lying (again) about Kessab Attacks

Newly discovered evidence reveals that Turkey’s denials about its role in the attacks on the Syrian town known as Kessab last month, which is home to many Armenian Christians, are lies. In the days after the attack last month, there were unverified reports and some confusion about exactly what happened. Now, eyewitnesses have come forward and told the UK Telegraph what really happened:

“…the Islamist fighters (were) standing with the Turkish army. They started launching their shells from the border”.

Of course, the Turkish government has denied this but, then again, they’ve denied that their own voices were caught on recordings planning such attacks. Not only that but a representative from Human Rights Watch in Syria and Lebanaon said:

“It is not feasible that these groups could have crossed into Syria from where they did without the knowledge of the Turks.”

At least one Syrian rebel even expressed thanks to the Turks:

“Turkey did us a big favour,” said a Syrian activist with the rebel group, whose name the Telegraph knows but has been asked not to reveal. “They allowed our guys to enter from their border post.”

Ironically, one person who was on the right side of this issue was Kim Kardashian, who actually took a lot of heat for expressing her support for Armenians from Kessab, as reported. reported on the March 21st attack and then published recordings that implicated the Turkish government. Despite these reports, many in the media were reluctant to finger Turkey in the attack.


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