Islamic ‘Trojan Horse’ Conspiracy to take over British Schools (Cameron has a new problem)

All too often, Islamic transgressions in western cultures are exposed, only to be ignored by those with the power to do something about them. Now, the exposure of the Islamic ‘Trojan Horse’ plot finally appears to be getting taken quite seriously by the British government, though it’d have been nice if this kind of had been done sooner. Problems like this have been pervasive within the UK for years.

The plot, now said to include at least 25 schools, was reported on last month by the Daily Mail, which published excerpts from a letter that contains the writing of a Muslim who boasts about using stealth to oust a headmistress in 1993:

'Trojan Horse' letter

‘Trojan Horse’ letter

In essence, Muslims who thought teachers in public schools weren’t radical enough, began to stealthily work behind the scenes to get them pushed out and replaced by fundamentalist Muslim teachers.

The Daily Mail is now reporting that the UK Government’s probe into the plot is expanding. Here is Great Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg expressing concern about the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot causing ‘silos of segregation’ in schools:

Unfortunately, Clegg didn’t feel compelled to single out the one ‘faith’ that is the source of the plot. Instead, he expressed that he didn’t think any faith should have such sway. The unstated, obvious fact, however, is that there is only one ‘faith’ at the root of the plot. Nonetheless, we’ll take what we can get at this point.

The Mail reported:

At the centre of the scandal is Birmingham’s Park View Academy, where it is alleged that £70,000 was spent on loudspeakers to call pupils to Islamic prayers.

Here’s a video about the increased focus on investigating the plot. The downside is that it’s easy to see after watching this interview, that Great Britain should have taken action years ago. This guy actually admits to being somewhat helpless at this point  (h/t BNI):

The path of least resistance may be easier to take but it always leads to something much worse than had you not taken it up to that point.


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