Hellbent on Blaming Assad for Chemical Attacks

Although State Department spokesman Jen Psaki is clearly hedging her bets when it comes to blaming Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime for the recent chemical attack in Syria, it’s rather obvious where the Obama administration wants to go. At yesterday’s press briefing, Psaki was asked if she’d seen reports of the attack. She acknowledged she had and then turned to the tab in her binder for her required, pre-crafted response:

“We have indications of the use of a toxic industrial chemical — probably chlorine — in Syria this month in the opposition dominated village of Kfar Zeita,” Psaki said. “We’re examining allegations that the government was responsible. We take all allegations of the use of chemicals in combat use very seriously.”

What’s noteworthy there is what Psaki didn’t say. That the attack occurred in an “opposition dominated village” implies that Assad was likely responsible. What Psaki doesn’t acknowledge is that the “opposition” is made up of jihadists that endorse suicide bombings as a stratagem of war and celebrate death with cannibalism. She doesn’t acknowledge that said jihadists would have no problem killing civilians on their side – or even some of their fellow jihadists – if it meant pinning the attack on Assad.

Second, Psaki says the administration is looking into “allegations” that the Assad regime was responsible while ignoring any allegations that the opposition was. This is an obvious attempt to steer debate in one direction; it is a direction that NATO ally Turkey wants the debate to go in as well.


As Shoebat.com has reported on multiple occasions and with multiple examples, evidence that the rebels have launched chemical weapons is substantial. Throw on top of that, the implications of recent claims by legendary liberal journalist, reported by Shoebat.com – that Turkey’s Erdogan is really behind these efforts – and the steady drumbeat from the Obama administration makes more sense.

In addition to Turkey still being a NATO ally the U.S. is required to defend, the truth about Turkey’s role in Syria could open doors that would reveal some very, very uncomfortable truths about Benghazi.

Here is Psaki doing her best to ever-so-subtly lay the groundwork that Assad was behind the recent attack:

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