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Members of the ultra-orthodox battalion, Netzah Yehudah

Make Way For The Jewish ISIS: The Israeli Government Will Be Drafting Orthodox Jews Into The Military And They Will Be An Army Of Violent Jewish Zealots

Make way for the Jewish ISIS. Israel will be drafting the ultra-orthodox into the military. While they are Yeshiva students who have no fighting experience, with military training, with guns, and armed with a Jewish supremacist ideology, they will become a violent force of fanatics. There is already an ultra-orthodox military unit known as the […]

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For The First Time, Ukrainians Are Now Training In Germany. In The Third Reich, Germany Trained Ukrainians And They Butchered Tens Of Thousands Of Poles

For the first time in this war in Ukraine, Germany is training Ukrainians within its own borders, as we read in Global Defense News: For the first time, Ukrainian soldiers are receiving basic military training in Germany, marking a significant expansion in the support provided by European allies amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. This […]

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The United Nations Warns: One Wrong Move By Israel Or Hezbollah Could Park A “Catastrophe That Goes Far Beyond The Border And, Frankly, Beyond Imagination.”

The chief of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has warned that one wrong move by Israel or Hezbollah could spark a “catastrophe that goes far beyond the border and, frankly, beyond imagination.” “The people of the region and the people of the world cannot afford Lebanon to become another Gaza,” he said. As we read […]

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While Russia Deepens Ties With North Korea, Historic Tensions Are Boiling Up Between Japan and Russia

The New York Times reports that China is pursuing expansions in its nuclear capacity: China is in the midst of a “significant” expansion of its nuclear capabilities, and headaches have become common in the region’s foreign policy circles. In the middle of all this there are growing tensions between Japan and South Korea on one […]

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The United States Warns Israel: ‘Your Iron Dome Will Not Be Enough To Shield You From Hezbollah.’

The United States has recently warned Israel that its Iron Dome will not be enough to shield it from Hezbollah attacks, as we read in i24: The United States officials have “serious concerns” that a full-blown war between Israel and the Lebanon-based Iran-backed Hezbollah could overwhelm Israel’s air defenses in the north – including the […]

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Jewish Machiavellian Conspiracy: October 7th Unleashed The Demons Of Israel

We now know that Israeli knew about Hamas’s plan to attack and massacre three weeks before October 7th, 2023. We also know that Netanyahu moved two-thirds of the security forces away from the Gazan border prior to the slaughter. The end result has been a bolstering of the far-right, and thus the demons of Israel […]

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