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Jihadists set to Invade Tunisia from Libya?

According to Arabic sources, there appears to be concerns that jihadist “mercenaries” from various regions are planning to invade Tunisia from Libya, which sits to that country’s east and that the possible usage of Chemical weapons is feared. This information was relayed by a retired Tunisisan military colonel named Mohammed Saleh al-Haidari, who says the […]

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Audio: Frank Gaffney gives his take on Benghazi-gate

During a recent appearance on WABC Radio, Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney discussed Benghazi-gate. Take note that Gaffney also makes reference to Abdel Hakim Belhaj – the man we’ve reported on before – as being someone who was working directly with Christopher Stevens. In essence, according to Gaffney, the installation in Benghazi was not […]

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Libyan Leaks: Documents show Sean Hannity right, John McCain wrong

Back on September 13th, Senator John McCain appeared on Hannity, the television program of the popular conservative talk show host, to discuss the recent 9/11 attacks. When the topic turned to Libya, the Senator from Arizona was quick to accuse Sean of having been wrong about Islamists taking control of Libya. Hannity appeared to be […]

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Libyan Leaks: More Secret Documents Reveal Obama’s failure in Libya

Exclusive Walid Shoebat Bombshell Barack Obama’s claim to election fame – that Al-Qaeda has been destroyed – needs a reality check, according to a group of anti-Al Qaeda Libyans in exile. “We beg to differ,” they exclaimed. “Obama gift-wrapped Libya, handed it over to Al-Qaeda, and we can prove it.” The group stated they have […]

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