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9/11 Bombshell Report: 3000 Americans for Three Saudi Princes

Link to 21-Page 9/11 Bombshell Report below… Conspiracy theories about 9/11 are in abundance. Some even believe that it was an “inside job”. We reject this notion completely. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Bush administration made a conscious and very ill-advised decision not to go after the real perpetrators of the attacks […]

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9/11 Bombshell Report: 48 Hours away

We have moved up the release of our 9/11 Bombshell report, which contains information about Saudi actions after 9/11 that have never been presented in English. Instead of publishing at Midnight on September 10th, we have decided to publish at 9:11 pm EST on September 10th. 48 hours and counting…

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