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Belgium Jewish Museum Shooter was ‘ISIS Torturer’ in Syria

Israel National News ISIS Torturer linked to Belgium Jewish Museum Murder attack. A freed French hostage has said the terrorist behind the deadly shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels in May was among his Islamic extremist captors in Syria, and was part of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terror group. Writing on the […]

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Euro Jew Hate reaches its Medical Profession

Israel National News Belgian Doctor Refuses to Treat Elderly Jewish Woman A Flemish doctor who manned a medical hotline Wednesday night refused to provide help to a 90-year-old Jewish woman, Bertha Klein, who had suffered a fractured rib. “I’m not coming!” he said. “Send her to Gaza for a few hours, and she will not […]

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Video: Pro-Sharia Muslim sworn in as Municipal Councilor in Belgium; citizen erupts, calls him out

Is it not perjury to take an oath while remaining loyal to an agenda antithetical to that oath? The man shouting is right in thinking it is. Yet, he is told to shut up. To say there is a leadership vacuum in Western civilization today is a gross understatement and the reason is cowardice. It’s […]

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Video: Syrian Catholic priest issues stark warning about Islam

His name is Charles Clément Boniface (Father Samuel) and was actually born in Turkey as Samuel Ozdemir but rejects that name because he says it was forced upon him by the Turks. In the 1970’s he fled to Belgium because Christians were suffering increased persecution. In 2006, Father Samuel was prosecuted by the Belgian government […]

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Belgium or Belgistan? Belgians will have to decide… very soon

Shariah4Belgium is a group of Muslims in Belgium that makes no secret of its desire and belief that Islam will rule that region before too long. There is good news. These Muslims tell you what they intend to do; Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the West fly under the radar while desiring the same goals. […]

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Shiite-o-Phobia behind the Torching of a Belgium Mosque?

A Shiite mosque in Beligium was intentionally set ablaze by a Sunni man. However, the New York Times prefers to call it the result of “Sunni-Shiite Friction.” The fire also caused the death of the imam. Via the New York Times: An arsonist’s attack on a Shiite mosque in a Brussels suburb that left its […]

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