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Blaming the Jews? Blame the Jews!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO Documentary made around 2003 by Ron Aronvich Explains clearly, with excellent journalism the real issues of the conflict in “Palestine” i.e. Jew Hate. Political correctness and weak Jewish/Israeli leadership fails to deal with this evil. Liberal lefties need to be tied to a chair and match sticks put between their […]

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Islamists Blame Jews for Coptic Church Bombing

Islamists Blame Jews for Coptic Church Bombing IPT News January 3, 2011 http://www.investigativeproject.org/2468/islamists-blame-jews-for-coptic-church-bombing The New Year’s Eve suicide bombing at an Egyptian Coptic church that killed 21 people is stoking fears of a new onslaught against Christians by radical Islamists. In response, some radical Islamists are turning to their great bogeyman to deflect attention – […]

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