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Obama Tells Lie About Islam in Interview with Man who Has Told the Same Lie and Whose Father Was Islamic Scholar

When Barack Obama asserted that “99.9%” of Muslims reject the interpretation of Islam practiced by groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hamas, et. al., it wasn’t just another in a long line of lies he has told. Fareed Zakaria – the interviewer he told that lie to – has a history that should raise concerns about a […]

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Obama Caught Favoring Muslims over North Korean Communists

Barack Obama’s reaction to SONY’s decision to not release The Interview based on hacked emails and bomb threats is in direct contradiction to his reaction to Google’s decision not to take down the Innocence of Muslims video after the Benghazi attacks. This reality has made it almost too easy to once again show just how […]

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Rise of Islamic Terrorism is Requiring a New Level of Islamic Deception

As Islamic terrorism continues to rise and as the horrors of ISIS continue to take root in the collective consciousness of westerners, stealth Jihadists (stealthists) and Muslim sympathizers (sympies) need to reach a new level of deception. Non-Muslims will seek clearer lines of demarcation between Muslims and radical Muslims, even between Muslims and non-Muslims. As […]

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