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(Left) The execution of Nabil Habashi Salama. Islamic terrorists who were involved in his murder were killed by Egyptian security forces

Islamic Terrorists Kidnap And Murder Elderly Christian Man. Soldiers Ambush The Terrorists And Kill Them All

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists in Egypt captured and murdered an elderly Christian man named Nabil Habashi Salama who lived in North Sinai. Just recently Egyptian security forces killed three of the terrorists involved. As we read in Reuters: Egyptian security forces have shot dead three suspected Islamist militants accused of targeting Coptic Christians and […]

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defund the police pic

The Anti-Police Movement Wants To Do A Left-Wing Revolution To Overthrow The Authority Of The Police And Spark Chaos

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat The only thing that stands between peace and mob rule is the law and the ones who enforce it. This would be the police, and this is why we are witnessing an unprecedented attack on the police. This is the only reason as to why we are seeing these […]

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The Left wing Wants Anarchy And Revolution In The United States

By Theodore Shoebat Left-wing radicals are gradually forming a war on the institution of the police by trying to get them defunded. If you defund the police, violent crime goes up. If crime gets to the point where people have to hire private security, the state loses its monopoly on violence. If the state loses […]

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Video showing the execution of Nabil Habashi Salama, Christian martyr

ISIS Has Returned: ISIS Terrorists Hunt Down Christian Man Because He Helped Build A Church, Brutally Beat Him, Keep Him Captive For Three Months, Break His Teeth And Execute Him

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS has apparently returned as an execution of a Christian by their terrorists has just been recently reported. Nabil Habashi Salama, a Coptic Christian, was hunted down by ISIS thugs who wanted to kill him because he took part in the construction of a parish, St. Mary Church. They captured him, brutally […]

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The Manipulation Of Blacks To Hate The Police Is The The Spirit Of Rebellion And The Revival Of Nimrod

Hatred for the police abounds in the political atmosphere of America. The black cause is being manipulated as a means by which to stoke up revolt against law enforcement. This strategy of rebellion — wherein the criminal is elevated and the law enactor is despised — will advance criminality and encourage lawlessness. The rebellion is […]

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Navy SEALS Shift From Counterterrorism Operations To “Global” Operations Against China, Russia

If one asked a military commander for the last two decades what the largest threat for US Special Operations to combat was, the answer would almost universally be some form of ‘terrorism’ as a response. While terrorism does indeed pose a threat, the practical reality is that terror groups lack the manpower, money, logistics, technological […]

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Claim: Food Being Looted By Eritrean Soldiers From Tigray

No conflict zone is ever an attractive place, but in Africa, conflict tends to result in some of the worst forms of human suffering, such as starvation, mass murder, and the total annihilation of large areas. According to France 24, there are reports now that Eritrean soldiers are looting Tigray of her food. Eritrean soldiers […]

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China Set To Post First Population Decline In Five Decades

Growth is often used as a mantra of corporate America and those who associate constant expansion with ‘progress’. However, growth is also finite, it does not happen forever, and it is not reasonable to believe in this concept because things just don’t keep growing, as contractions are natural. For many years, the Chinese Communist Party […]

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Russia Puts US On The Top Of “Most Unfriendly” Nations List

Every so many months, there are studies and lists of different kinds published talking about what nations are the “best” to live in, based on what often seems to be a random assortment of criteria. These are popular in the western world, and to a lesser extent (based on what I have seen) in Russia […]

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Bundeswehr Refuses To Provide Figures On Far Right Movements In Her Ranks

There have been several major law enforcement scandals in Germany over the past few years concerning a distinct rise in far-right political ideologies where National Socialism, Hitler, and other related things were found to not just exist, but have a strong, silent following. Given the mass migration of people from Africa and the Middle East […]

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Millennial And Zoomer Moving Patterns Re-Shape Political Landscape

One of the trends that has been watching is the changing political patterns do to the movement of Millennials and Zoomers across the country seeking job. While people talk about the “threat” of “migration”, in a sense it really is a threat, except the real enemy is not foreign persons but rather fellow Americans […]

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