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Man In Germany Declares That The German Government Is Backing Ukrainian Nazis. The German Government Fines Him 2000 Euros

A man in Germany named Heinrich Bücker is being penalized by the government for criticizing Germany’s support for Ukraine against Russia. He argued in a speech that Germany, due to its history of war with Russia, should not participate in a war by proxy with Russia today. He also affirmed that the German government is […]

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The President Of Israel Declares This Warning: “Israel Is In The Throes Of A Profound Crisis. Anyone Who Thinks That A Real Civil War, Of human life, Is A Line That We Will Not Reach Has No idea. The Abyss is within touching distance.”

Christ was the fullness of Humanity. When the Jewish religious order had Him crucified, they murdered Humanity itself. Thus, Israel, like Judas, will eventually destroy itself. Even the president of Israel, Isaac Herzog, warned: “Israel is in the throes of a profound crisis. Anyone who thinks that a real civil war, of human life, is […]

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Ante Pavelic (right), the leader of the Croatian nazi government which killed hundreds of thousands of Serbs. Pavelic escaped to Argentine after the Second World War

Ukrainian and Croat mass murderers both escaped justice

In the phenomena of Ukrainian and Croatian nationalism, we find that both Ukrainian and Croatian nationalists did horrific massacres. Croatian nazis (Ustashas) butchered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, and Ukrainian nationalists butchered around a hundred thousand Poles. Croatian mass murderers, by the tens of thousands, escaped justice. The main orchestrator of the massacre of the […]

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The US Government Says This About Ukraine: ‘The Fate Of Bakhmut Is Up To Zelensky.’

The US government, through US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, has stated that the fate of Bakhmut will be determined by Zelensky, as we read in Radio1: Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky should decide for himself how to deal with Artyomovsk. This was stated by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. According to him, the loss […]

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pro-life rally in Spain

50,000 People Take To The Streets And Declare: ‘Abortion Is Murder!’

50,000 people took to the streets in Spain to declare the truth that abortion is murder. As we read in Life Site news: Over 50,000 people thronged the streets of Madrid on March 12 for Spain’s March for Life. The annual event, called the Yes to Life march, was sponsored by over 500 organizations belonging […]

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Response To Catholics Who Are Upset With Me

A response to Catholics who are upset about our last article on Aquinas: It is amazing how ancient things are right in front of us. From the times before the great Deluge to now, the evils of man remain the same. And if man finds a moment of peace, a moment of civility, he will […]

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First German Leopard 2 Tank Spotted In Ukraine

A German Leopard 2 tank has been reportedly spotted in Ukraine, as we read in a report in Dzen: Who would have thought, but in the practically surrounded Bakhmut (Artyomovsk), vigilant informants “spotted” a German cat, or rather the main battle tank made in Germany – the Leopard 2. In the frames from the video, […]

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Dymytro Korchynsky

Major Nazi Leader In Ukraine Declares On Ukrainian Television That After The War Russians Should Be Put Into Camps

A major nazi leader in Ukraine, Dmitry Korchinsky, declared on Ukrainian television that after the war Russians should be put into camps: Dmitry Korchinsky: Concentration camps [how it is referred to on the screen in Ukrainian] are needed for Russians to figure out what crimes were committed… they only have the right to be punished […]

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Russian Satellite State In Georgia, Abkhazia, Declares That Its Ready For Conflict With Tbilisi

The state of Abkhazia, which is an ally of Russia and which Russia considers independent of Georgia, has declared that it is ready for conflict with Tbilisi. Georgia has been in a similar situation to what Ukraine was before the war broke out. Like Ukraine, Georgia has two provinces that are pro-Russia (Abkhazia and South […]

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