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Ukrainian Soldier Boils The Head Of A Russian Soldier

A photograph has been shared throughout the Russian media showing a Ukrainian soldier boiling the severed head of a Russian soldier: According to a Russian publication, Russia7: On Sunday, September 25, a photograph began to circulate on the Web, which depicts the process of preparing a human head . A Nazi from the Armed Forces […]

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Muslims Take Christian Woman, Saw Her Legs Off, Cut Her Fingers Off, Put Her Severed Finger Into Her Mouth, And Strip Her Naked. One Muslim Man Says: “Look At The Bitch… She Became A Rock.’

Soldiers for Azerbaijan — a Muslim country — took an Armenian woman soldier, sawed her legs off, cut off her fingers and put her severed finger into her mouth, and stripped her naked. They then took film of her body:   According to OC Media: On Friday, the Armenian Ministry of Defence confirmed that the […]

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