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Texas Sheriff wants to Scare ISIS so bad it makes them ‘Urinate down Both Legs’

Last week, Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter made news when he issued some tough talk to any members of ISIS planning to cross the U.S. / Mexico border and set foot in his county as Shoebat.com reported. This morning, Painter appeared on Fox n’ Friends and used even more colorful language to express his contempt […]

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Texas Sheriff Pledges to ‘take care of’ ISIS if Members show up in his town

Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter is taking very seriously the published warnings that ISIS is operating along the Texas border out of Ciudad Juarez and that members of the group could hit the U.S. Painter also has some tough words for the terrorists. Via Permian Basin 360: “These people have said they’re going to takeover, […]

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