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Lois Lerner seeking Immunity from… Innocence?

“Because I’m asserting my right not to testify, I know that some people will assume that I’ve done something wrong; I have not. One of the basic functions of the Fifth amendment is to protect innocent individuals and that is the protection I am invoking today.” – Lois Lerner in front of the House Oversight […]

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Lois Lerner demands Immunity; Time for Congress to go on Offense

Well, that didn’t take long. One day after the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee sent former IRS Tax Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner a letter requiring her appearance before the Committee on March 5th, her attorneys say she won’t testify without being granted immunity. Once again, Republicans are given the perfect opportunity to introduce […]

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Lois Lerner wants Immunity for Testimony

Earlier this week, we wrote that Lois Lerner and David Petraeus should both be granted immunity for their testimony about the IRS Scandal and Benghazi, respectively. In the case of Lerner, there is obviously much we don’t know about wrongs that she’s done but we know quite a bit about at least one of them. […]

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