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Daily Beast’s Rogin and Journalistic Triage on O’Bagy

As we wrote yesterday, when it comes to the Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin, he seems to write on subjects that are damaging to the left but he often does so when the horse is out of the barn. This can do two things. First, like journalistic triage, it provides damage control with nuanced spin on […]

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Rogin: All State Dept employees cleared over Benghazi

That the Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin would be the first to deliver this uncomfortable news for the Obama administration is potentially interesting. He is reporting that Secretary of State John Kerry has cleared all State Department employees who were put on administrative leave after the findings of the Accountability Review Board (ARB), chaired by Thomas […]

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Muslim Brotherhood apologist Josh Rogin cries in his Beer

It is indeed noteworthy how many blatant Muslim Brotherhood apologists there are who masquerade as journalists. One such example is Josh Rogin, who writes for the Daily Beast and Foreign Policy. Rogin was on the participant list of a Muslim Brotherhood conference in Qatar this past June, which may help to explain why he’s bemoaning […]

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