Strength or Weakness, Racism or affirmative action, Stimulus or Socialism?


The last week of developments and the “historic inaugeration in Washington” has me deeply troubled and as a non American has some observations.

It always baffles me that as a society that wishes to become color blind, color seems to be extremely important if you are black and extremely unimportant if you are white. The American public based on how they voted showed that they are color blind and Obama to his credit did not campaign for the most part on the color of his skin. There was some exceptions but it was not an strident issue in the campaign, yet the stress and “pride” of America heralding a black man as the first President of a predominantly white country in a sense was a racist theme. If we are truely color blind the fact of Mr. Obama’s blackness should not have been even an issue. Mr Obama is an American (at least he says he is) and he is young and “intelligent” with a hi IQ as well as inspirational, should have been the only compliments showered upon him and not that he was the first black president. In fact we lower Mr. Obama’s accomplishment by acknowledging that the policy of “affirmative action” is now in place for the highest office in the land. This actually demeans Mr. Obama for anyone with clear thinking. As much as I would disagree with Hillary Clinton and find her political tactics distasteful she was much more qualified to head the democratic ticket in 2008, yet the DNC chose out of political correctness and affirmative action to get behind Obama as well as some obvious distain for Mrs Clinton. There is also much evidence of primary voter irregularities that have been ignored by the mainstream media.

I remember when I made criticisms of Obama that instead of trying to make arguments against what I was saying that it was infered or directly said that I was a racist for criticing Obama which proves that racism is alive and well in America but being white is bad and black good. Dr Martin Luther King who we admire and even use a quote on our web site I think would concure with this point.

Yesterday on Al Arabiya TV, President Obama outlined how bad America is when it comes to the MIddle East and used his usual politicial double talk on Iran. The President sugested that Islamic terrorism can be understood because America behaves in a sort of dictatorial manner,that America will be nicer to the terrorists and terror regimes by negotiating wityh them. That our language will be nicer and we won’t use the term “war in terror.” Mr Obama all of sudden became proud of his Islamic back ground on this interview, this blatant racism if he would not be proud when he is running for the president why now is he proud? I even was acccused by one subscriber to our email newsletter that using Hussein as “a below the belt” critique, I am the racist for saying just his middle name.

I can just imagine what the terrorists were thinking and saying, when they were watching President Obama on Al Arabiya yesterday. It probably went like this: ‘It looks like we have a Muslim in the White house who understands us and he supports our greivances with Imperial Zionist America. We now have the chance to strike America hard and squeeze the Zionist entity even more, because it looks like President Obama is with us and at worst case scenario has reconstituted the paper tiger policy of the Clinton administration, Allah Akbar.’

Now for the NEW NEW deal which the media call a stimulus package. Proposes to spend another trillion dollars of money we do not have. I would fully support such a plan if history showed that such plans work. We just used 350 billion to rescue the banks and the economy has not improved one iota, the stock market is at the same level it was right at the lows of the market in October. Gold is up and everyting else is down. The Carter adminstration tried stimulus and high taxes, we had double digit inflation and higher unemployment, more than than we have today. Roosevelt tried the same and America’s economy was only rescued by world war two which finally put people back to work in not such an ideal situation. It was twelve years of depression with the policies of Roosevelt that perpetuated the problem, it is a myth that he cured the economy. Roosevelt was a great war leader but failed on economic recovery.

Kennedy a democrat introduced tax reduction and the economy rebounded, as did Ronald Reagan. Big government is bad and wasteful. Free healthcare does not mean free healthcare, it means government paid i.e. higher taxes to pay for health care which results in waiting lists and massive wasteful bureacracies. Look at other countries. It does not mean we cannot help people who are in desperate need of healtcare, the government should surely help them but that does not mean we all have to depend on the government. Is not social security bankrupt, is medicare not bankrupt? Why do the American people buy this nonsense.

Something for you to think about. We have one of the best third level Eductaion systems in the Western world yet we have the worst secondary school systems in the world, Why is this case? The Univeristy system is private and fee paying with competition and the school system is governement run. So if anyone tells me that Mr Obama and the Federal government is going to borrow huhge sums and then control our economic future, all I can see G-d help us all. History and experience proves to anybody what the true way of success is. The so called stimulus package is just a socialist agenda using the economic difficuties as away of smoke screen to implement such.

What we really need today are leaders with integrity, honesty and a willingness to truly help our country instead of trying to help,ingratiate themselves as well as a thirst for power. The politcal and financial scandals with new ones we hear of daily is frightening and undermines the very fabric of our society. If trust in our political and business leaders goes our whole country goes down the tube.

Believing in G-d, his statutes and moral code will bring us much more freedom and a solid society to America, than the progessive secular culture that is destroying our nation right in front of our eyes.

The American people have voted and they will reap what they have sown. Let us pray that G-d will bring us leaders worthy of this great nation.


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