Supporting our troops is Not Just Saying “I Support Our troops”‏

While many people do great work supporting our troops both in a practical sense in providing letters of encouragement, packages and working with support charities like the USO, however most of the public, our leaders, Pastors and Rabbis should hang their heads in shame because they do not support our troops in any way. The reason – they will not seek or speak the truth about the true nature of battle for our freedom.

The most important way to support our troops is to seek, understand and speak the truth on why we are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq?

In our work we get many letters from troops serving and we speak to several at events or on the telephone who have returned from the field. Every time we communicate with them we notice they are very frustrated. They are frustrated because they have witnessed and experienced on the field and in the countries they serve i.e. Afghanistan and Iraq, the very things that Walid Shoebat speaks about, that they have now experienced first hand, yet this is taboo to be spoken about in our media and in the churches and synagogues.

We dishonor our troops with our political correctness and fear for speaking the truth on our media and in our places of worship. The brave men and women of our armed forces are fighting for us and risking their lives for our freedom. They are fighting Islamic inspired terror based on a religious ideology, that wishes to use Nazi style strategies. Our gutless political leaders and the vast majority of church leaders will not speak the truth in their houses of worship because they are afraid. If they are afraid to speak the truth about Islam and its evil intent as well as it’s evil that is experienced by the Christian minority in Muslim countries, as well as its desire to destroy Israel and the Christian world; how dare these people call themselves people who believe in G-d’s word, ignoring the plight of persecuted Christians and ignoring what is blatantly obvious because they are too afraid?

If we are afraid to speak the truth, how can we look any one of our brave returning veterans and but be embarrassed because they risked their life for us but we cannot bring ourselves to speak the truth, the very least we can do, you might think. The reason is because we might lose our leadership position, or fear losing people from our congregation and the offerings they bring. They like to avoid the truth because the truth is ugly and unpleasant to expose.

Do you think it is encouraging for Walid Shoebat or I and the people who work with us to be rejected by most churches and synagogues because a Pastor or a Rabbi is afraid that such a message be heard in their place of worship? We get excuses like “we do not wish to offend the local Muslim community.” Or “we are afraid that our church/synagogue might get blown up by the Muslims,” or “Walid is a lightning rod.” Criticizing Islam in many a church is “bad for business.” Or the best one “We do not want politics in the church.” The church is more interested in the money it takes on a Sunday and giving a message from the pulpit that will tickle the ears of their flock. Our message is perceived to scare people off. As for politics that is easy to answer, when G-d gave the land of Israel to Abraham Isaac and Jacob and their descendants forever, He entered the realm of politics.

For those of you who have heard Walid Shoebat and been at a live event, you all know the opposite is true, people want the truth and most go to church to hear some truth because they are not getting it on their TV, their radio or in their newspapers. The message of G-d is truth and without truth you live a lie and if you live a lie you are without G-d. For those that wish to understand the Bible, the times we are in are described perfectly but the truth is a very narrow path, which few wish to truly seek and accept.

In World War Two we all knew why we were fighting, what Nazism and Imperial Japan stood for. We all understood what was at stake and we were totally united to see the battle through till victory. We all knew the truth then. Today most of us are fed lies and choose to either deceive ourselves or put the truth at the back of our mind. How can we continue to ask our brave men and women to risk their lives and fight for our freedom when we choose to believe lies over truth and deny our own freedom because when we lie to ourselves we must ask the question, are we really free at all?

Keith Davies
Executive Director Walid Shoebat Foundation


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