Please send this letter below to your local and national media outlets

Please send this letter below to your local and national media outlets

Dear Members of the Media:

The Fort Hood Massacre based on all evidence and eyewitness testimony that has been verified, is undoubtebly a “Hate crime” against non Muslims or/and an act of Islamic terror.

What we know is that the suspect made extreme remarks against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as not wishing to serve, and taking measures to be absolved in serving in the Middle East.

It is also known and well reported that prior to the suspect shooting that he cried out and used the exclamation of “Allah Akbar” which is a common term used prior to a Jihadist about to do a “martyrdom operation.” This shows his intent to kill as many “non Muslims” before he himself expected to be killed.

It is also should be recognized as any expert on Islam and Shariah law would explain, that it is forbidden for a Muslim to go to war with another Muslim and especially with an army that is from a foreign power.

All the evidence that has been portrayed so far points to an act of terror or at best a hate crime of a Muslim on non Muslim.

The Media now needs to at least allow this prognostication which is more than speculation and needs to be relayed so as the American public can get some reality to what we face as a Nation.

Members of the media who are proud to give fair and balanced news, we would appreciate that this be exposed without taking into consideration the standard political correctness, which in this case looks like it cost the lives of thirteen more Americans and severely wounded many more. How many more American lives will be lost if our fourth branch of government will not at least air the realities? We must in this case not put money, political correctness, self interest and act as Patriotic Americans of the media to tell the truth about this troubling and difficult issue.

Let us ask ourselves as fair minded human beings, not as media people or journalists or ones with a political slant, that if our families are serving in the military and we have strong evidence that there are many Muslims serving who have a highly likely sympathy to the actions of this particular case and Islamic terror in general; that this evidence which is being produced not be fully discussed by former Muslims and former Muslim Terrorists who can give us a clear picture to the dangers that we face as a nation as well as commentators who are seekers of the truth.

Walid Shoebat a former Islamic Terrorist is only one of quite a few people who have the expertise and knowledge and are willing to speak the truth and warn America. It is a tragedy and a hurtful wrong against the victims of 9/11 and the soldiers who have died and sacrificed with terrible injuries that the truth not be aired on our media.

Our organization gets many letters from troops in the field supporting us and telling us of their frustrations that the truth is not being told on our media. Please honor them and the victims by speaking the truth and giving voice to all brave apostates of Islam who can and will finally awaken our country, so that will influence our leaders to take the necessary actions so that no more Americans need to mourn.

Yours sincerely

Keith Davies
Director Walid Shoebat Foundation


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