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The American people are rising up over the PC of our Media and Politicians. The 911 Mosque, the gross appeasement by President Obama, the hypocrisy over the Koran burning, the lack of reporting on Christian persecution in Muslim countries, Americans are getting informed and getting really ticked off.

On Nov 21st in Killeen TX, The Forum for Middle East Understanding the 501 c 3 that funds the work of the Walid Shoebat Foundation along with the International Counter Terror Officers Association (ICTOA) will hold a major regional and hopefully national event to bring the light and truth to what happened and why, at the Fort Hood Massacre last year.

This event will cost over $60,000 to put on and even if we sell all 2000 tickets will be over $20,000 short of the amount to break even.

The best way to support this event is to attend if you are able, but if you cannot a donation to help us educate America to the dangers and threats the free world faces would be greatly appreciated. For more information go to

Further if you can afford to donate $100 or more, we will also send you three important videos, two videos about the Armenian Genocide 1915-1918 in which over 1 million Armenian Christians were murdered – men, women and children, in the name of Allah by the Ottoman Turks. Many of the characteristics of the Armenian Genocide were copied by the Nazis against the Jews in WW2. The third video is “Home Grown Jihad” which was made over a year ago and exposes the immediate threat of over 30 Jihad training camps based in the USA which pose great danger to the American people yet are allowed to flourish despite our security forces knowing of their existence. You can use these videos to educate your friends and associates about the threat.

Here is the link which shows trailers and the ability to donate to the cause of preserving freedom.

Thank you all for willing to help us spread the word, without you we cannot be successful in our work.

Finally we also just added a link that was an eyewitness video of the 911 attack in 2001. Never Forget what these Fundamentalist Muslims are all about.

Terror is fear and to fight fear we need fearlessness


Keith Davies
Executive Director of the Walid Shoebat Foundation


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