Walid Shoebat’s Response to Egyptian Crisis


The crisis in Egypt has opened up the doors of the media for Walid to explain to the public what is actually occurring there. Walid will be on The Hannity TV show tonight at 9.10 pm EST.

On top of this, Walid appears today on The G. Gordon Liddy Show, Larry Elder, The Bull Handel Show, American Family Radio, and Michael Savage’s program.

Our PR people are working hard to get Walid’s voice heard.

We will post some of these interviews on the web site over the next few days.

Below is press release on Egypt we issued today.

The Fall of Egypt to Islamist Hands Has Long Been Predicted by Former Muslim Terrorist, Who Says More to Come

Former Muslim terrorist Walid Shoebat was once a member of the Muslim Brotherhood when he was in Chicago years ago. He not only knows their plans but has accurately been predicting events like the fall of Egypt to Islamists.

In his 2008 book, which took him years to write, he made the case that the Turkish Ottoman empire that was dismantled in 1924 would attempt to rise again. This has been the long term goal of the Muslim Brotherhood ever since, he says.

Any and all states that fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood will eventually be gobbled up by Turkey, which was the center of the Ottoman empire. What happens next will be fascinating and Shoebat has released a statement about these recent events.



By Walid Shoebat

With socialist revolutions, the rule is: “take out a Czar and you will get a Stalin!”

Keep in mind the fire of revolution that engulfs Egypt was ignited by socialists and later embraced by Islamists. It is true that the Muslim Brotherhood was banned as an organization in 1954 but it’s been tolerated and has forged alliances with legal and political groups in the last two decades; the liberal socialists, the Wafd, and other socialist labor parties have been allies.

Of course, the U.S policy led by closet socialist president Obama has been to publicly support the Egyptian people. Obama wants “rights of assembly” and “elections” in Egypt. Americans need to realize that democratic elections in the Middle East have never resulted in western style freedom! The rule in any Muslim majority nation, is that democracy is used DURING the elections ONLY… Period!

What did democratic elections in Muslim majority nations do? Iran is now a theocracy, Lebanon is in a state of chaos, Palestine is still a state of psychosis, Sudan is on the verge of splitting, and Turkey’s democratic elections are slowly emerging as an axis that will eventually lead to an Islamist alliance against Israel and the West. Soon, we’ll also see North Africa – in the name of democracy – remove all their dictators so they can elect you know who!

The most plausible outcome for Egypt’s chaos is a future election as demanded by world opinion, the outcome of which can be seen from the experience we had in the Palestinian elections, on which president George W. Bush insisted. The results ushered in a divide between Islamists and so-called moderate Palestinian Authority. Palestinians were killing Palestinians in the streets as Hamas ran rampant, executing other Muslims who didn’t agree with their agenda. But unlike that miniature state of psychosis, the scale of mayhem in Egypt will be immense! Egypt’s “democratic elections” will simply change one form of dictatorship into another!

Whether it is the Iranian Shia or Sunni Revolutions, the way to victory will not be only by stepping over Israel but also over Arabia – the cradle of Wahabism that started the trouble in the first place. As a consequence, the world will kiss its addiction to Arab oil good-bye after Iran destroys Arabia with nuclear weapons. You can say that I am mad, but the documents released by Wikileaks revealed that King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz repeatedly urged the United States to attack Iran in order to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program. If in doubt, ask yourself, didn’t Saddam Hussein send scuds crashing over Saudi Arabia during the First Gulf War? If he’d had nuclear warheads wouldn’t he have used them there?

And while the progressives cry “where are the weapons of mass destruction,” is there any doubt that Iraq’s neighbors are building them? Once Obama succeeds in pulling our troops out of Iraq as a good gesture to satisfy the screaming and complaining progressives that the U.S is not an occupier, then Iraq will immediately be gobbled up by Iran. And like the miniature Hezbollah-Hamas alliance against Israel, you will have a future Turkish-North Africa-Iranian alliance which will try to put the Islamic Caliphate “Humpty-Dumpty” back together again so they can dash in and “liberate” Jerusalem!

In the meantime, the Islamists will lay low, calling for democracy and – just like Arafat did – pretend to denounce terrorism at the cost of upsetting Al-Qaeda, who then gobbles it up and into the belly of its Trojan Horse, which, upon fully entering the fortresses of the West, will release its Al-Qaeda “locusts” into Israel, where they will meet their final destruction!


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