Report: Egyptian Muslims Burning Christian Homes, Attacking Churches

Time to contrast the life of a Christian in Egypt must endure with the life a Muslim in the United States must endure. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is far more concerned about fighting persecution of Muslims that doesn’t exist in America than it is with the very real persecution of Christians in the nation of Egypt, the birthplace of the group that ultimately spawned CAIR – the Muslim Brotherhood.

Via the Assyrian International News Agency:

A Muslim mob attacked Copts today in the Upper Egyptian village of Rahmaniya-Kebly, Nag Hammadi, Qena province, destroying and torching their homes, straw huts and shops, while chanting Allahu Akbar. No one was reported killed or injured (video). According to reports, security forces were present but did not intervene and the fire brigade arrived 90 minutes late.

An eye-witness said that a straw hut belonging to a Copt was torched to clear the area for a mosque. There are more than 300 mosques in the village and one church.

According to Coptic residents, the reason behind the violence was the parliamentary elections. The Salafists wanted to prevent Copts, who number more than 50% of the inhabitants (20,000), from voting because they intended to vote for two moderate Muslims and not the Salafi candidates. “No Copt from Rahmaniya-Kebly was able to vote today, so the Salafists will win the elections,” said a witness. Copts were forcefully prevented from voting.

Voter intimidation, religious bigotry, destruction of property, etc.

Where did all that media coverage of the Arab Spring go?

Paging CAIR…

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