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Identifying Terrorist links is now Racist

Imagine a scenario in which an employee is fired from a pharmacy because it’s discovered that he has close links to two drug dealers who have plans to rob a drug store. Then, after being fired, the employee accuses the pharmacy of racism. Imagine no more. Just replace “drug store” with “airline,” “drug store robbery” […]

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How Do You Have Peace With Nazis?

When you have this religious hatred amongst the whole of Arab society how do Jews think they can get to peace? In World War Two the three main Allies Britain, USA and Russia determined the only way to end the war with Germany was “unconditional surrender.” Every time the Jews win a war they sue […]

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Video: By Singling out Turkey’s Islamist Government, TX Governor inches closer to Identifying Fethullah Gulen

Texas Governor Rick Perry raised some eyebrows at a presidential debate shortly before he dropped out of the race, when he identified Turkey as having an Islamist government. Once we admit this reality collectively, as a nation, we can take the very disturbing, yet necessary, next step. The man who was perhaps most instrumental in […]

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