Identifying Terrorist links is now Racist

Imagine a scenario in which an employee is fired from a pharmacy because it’s discovered that he has close links to two drug dealers who have plans to rob a drug store. Then, after being fired, the employee accuses the pharmacy of racism.

Imagine no more. Just replace “drug store” with “airline,” “drug store robbery” with “airplane hijacking,” “drug dealers” with “Islamic terrorists,” and it’s no longer fiction.

Via the UK Daily Mail:

A British airline pilot arrested over an alleged terrorist plot is claiming racial and religious discrimination after losing his job.

The pilot, a Muslim, was judged a security risk because of his close links to two alleged extremists suspected of ‘planning to use an aircraft as part of a hostile or terrorist act’.

Because of draconian reporting restrictions imposed last week by an employment tribunal, the man cannot be identified and neither can his employer.

Despite this, a well-known British carrier said in a letter that the pilot was ‘in a position to cause considerable harm’ and added that it was in the ‘national interest’ to ensure he never flew commercial aircraft again.

Next step? Identifying terrorists as terrorists will one day be racist.

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