Group with Terrorist links objects to being called Group with Terrorist links

The Ohio State University student newspaper published an ad that links the Muslim Students Association (MSA) to terrorism. Muslim students at the University are calling the ad discriminatory. Kinda like a white person objecting to being called a “white person” while saying its bigoted to do so.

Via the Freedom Center:

Students across campus have already begun to protest the advertisement. “We are writing a letter to the editor,” said Nadia Ismail, a 1st year undergraduate at OSU, and “will be in touch with groups on and off campus” to stand against what Al-Akhras calls a blanket statement labeling Muslim students as security threats. OSU’s MSA is currently planning a course of action.

Although The Lantern was not responsible for putting the advertisement together, Al-Akhras says she holds the newspaper accountable. “It wasn’t an op-ed. It was a paid advertisement and they [The Lantern] had all the right to refuse it.”

Asked whether this form of advertisement should be expected, Ismail said that “it has become acceptable to discriminate against Muslims. I don’t think any attack this forthcoming would have been published about any other religion.”

As for the MSA not having terrorist links, the Holy Land Foundation trial proved that to be untrue. In particular, a 1991 document introduced into evidence showed that the MSA was, in fact, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood’s stated goal is to destroy America from within.

Stop the madness.

Saying the MSA is NOT linked to terrorism is an egregious and irresponsible lie.

h/t Bare Naked Islam


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