Video: Egyptian official blames the United States / Israel for Deadly Soccer Riots

First, some facts. The ‘Arab Spring’ resulted in an outcome that the Muslim Brotherhood desired – the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. The Obama administration was largely given credit for that ouster. At minimum, it called for Mubarak to step down. Nearly one year later, as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military jockey for power, there was a soccer riot in Port Said, Egypt that resulted in the deaths of tens of people.

Via New York Times:

CAIRO — At least 73 people were killed in a brawl between rival groups of soccer fans after a match in the city of Port Said on Wednesday, the bloodiest outbreak of lawlessness since the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak one year ago.

The riot refocused attention on the failure of the transitional government to re-establish a sense of order and stability in the streets and threatened to provoke a new crisis for Egypt’s halting political transition. The deadliest soccer riot anywhere in more than 15 years, it also illuminated the potential for savagery among the organized groups of die-hard fans known here as ultras who have added a volatile element to the street protests since Mr. Mubarak’s exit.

Guess whose fault the riots are?

If you ask Egyptian PM Mustafa Bakri, those deaths should be laid at the feet of the United States and Israel.

Uh, yes, he said that.


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