Salafist: Victims of Soccer Riots in Egypt are not Martyrs because….

See if you can follow this logic. Sharia law forbids watching soccer, therefore if you die while watching soccer, you will not be eligible for martyrdom.

Via AhramOline:

Controversial Salafist sheikh Abdel Moneim El-Shahat denied that the victims of the Port Said tragedy were martyrs because they died while watching football which he said is forbidden by Islamic Sharia law.

El-Shahat, who is the official spokesperson of the El-Daua El-Salafiya and failed to secure a seat in parliament, said that the 74 football fans who met their death during the violence that ensued following a match between Masry and Ahly died while enjoying an entertainment which is religiously forbidden and so were not martyrs.

Since Thursday of last week, when the tragedy took place, thousands of protesters have been demonstrating in Cairo, and other cities across Egypt over the security forces’ handing of the events in Port Said’s football stadium. Security forces are either accused of masterminding the attacks or allowing the attacks to happen.

We’re currently awaiting a report from El-Shahat about whether those who die protesting the deaths of soccer fans are eligible for martyrdom status.

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