It’s time to ask why Turkey supports Intervening in Syria

Note that Russia is standing by Syria’s Assad and Turkey is denouncing him. Remember, Turkey supports the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. When the Islamist government that controls Turkey supports the overthrow of a dictator, it’s time to question motives.

I wrote about whether or not the West should support Assad’s removal. The main reason it should not, has to do with the goals of Turkey along with goals of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, Assad is responsible for the violent crackdown in that country but look no further than Libya and Egypt; the regimes that fell have already been replaced by something much worse.

Syria is different than the North African countries, which are primarily Sunni. Syria, like Iraq, is being eyed by both the Shiite-controlled Iran as well as the Sunni/Sufi-controlled Turkey.

Though Verum Serum doesn’t seem to fully understand these dynamics (they identify Turkey as the reasonable party here), they deserve a h/t for the video:


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