CAIR Called out on the Kelly File for Objecting to Film about ‘Honor Violence’

It’s not often we see stories on the Fox News Channel that involve criticism of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) specifically or the Islamic fundamentalist culture generally but on the March 31st installment of the Kelly File, we saw both. The segment was used to discuss both the content of a documentary entitled, “Honor Diaries” as well as the vitriolic objections to the film by the Muslim Brotherhood front group, CAIR.

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly

Joining Kelly was courageous Human Rights attorney Brooke Goldstein and author Dr. Qanta Ahmed. The segment could have been about the documentary only but the added element of Goldstein and Kelly turning an attempt by CAIR to intimidate back onto the group was very refreshing.

Those of us who understand the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood often are left speculating about why Fox News hosts don’t confront that agenda because they rarely if ever respond to questions about why. Part of that answer can be seen beginning at the 6:20 mark when Kelly makes reference to a documentary Fox News presented about honor killings a few years ago. Said Kelly,

“The people who don’t like a spotlight shined on these issues are very, very aggressive and vocal.”.

This exchange is a must-see. Kelly, who we’ve been critical of in the past, deserves much credit for this segment and for refusing to bow to CAIR’s intimidation tactics.

Via Fox News:


Last July, reported on Goldstein’s introduction of the Huma Abedin scandal into a panel discussion on Sean Hannity’s television show, a topic few – including Hannity – seem interested in discussing.


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