Muslims Molest Christian Woman, And Then Savagely Rip Her Hair Off And Stab Her To Death

By Theodore Shoebat

A mob of Muslims in Egypt charged at a Christian woman while she was in her car, pulled her out, molested her and mauled her, before stabbing and beating her to death.

The victim was, as one Christian woman said, “savagely mauled and molested before being murdered”, after the Muslims realized that she was wearing a Cross. As one eyewitness, stated:

Once they saw that she was a Christian [because of the cross hanging on her rear view mirror], they jumped on top of the car, to the point that the vehicle was no longer visible …The roof of the car collapsed in. When they realized that she was starting to die, they pulled her out of the car and started pounding on her and pulling her hair-to the point that portions of her hair and scalp came off. They kept beating her, kicking her, stabbing her with any object or weapon they could find.

A Coptic Bishop named Raphaeil wrote this beautiful encomium for the holy martyr:

Oh how lucky you are, Mary, you who are beloved of Christ. They tore your body because of the Cross. Yet they offered you the greatest service and gave you a name of honor as one who has attained the crown of martyrdom

The blessed Apostle, St. Paul, wrote of those who are enemies and haters of the Cross:

For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ (Philippians 3:18)

When looking at the violence made toward the saints, simply for their reverence for the Holy Cross, the evil men who St. Paul is here speaking of, must also consist of the Muslims when applying the verse to later days of Christendom, in which the crescent of Mecca attempted to supplant the Christian Faith.

According to eyewitness, the police did nothing to save this woman, and even know who the guilty are, but still refrain from executing justice. The Muslims were supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, the same organization who Obama has openly supported. Within this violent attack the Muslims also attacked two churches and murdered four Christians in total.