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The USA Is Not Willing To Lie To Trigger Article 5 Against Russia

There is a common belief online that America will lie to justify a direct war with Russia. The fact that Biden has said that it looks like the missile did not come from Russia and three US officials have said that it came from Ukraine, tells me that the US is not willing to lie […]

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Three US Officials Say: ‘Ukraine Fired The Missile That Hit Poland.’

Three US officials have said that the missile that hit Poland was fired by Ukraine, as we read in the Daily Beast: Seemingly confirming Biden’s suspicions, three U.S. officials speaking to the AP on the condition of anonymity suggested it was Ukraine that fired the missile, citing assessments that indicated the missile was fired by […]

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Biden On The Explosions In Poland: “It’s unlikely in the minds of the trajectory that it was fired from Russia.”

Biden just recently stated that it was unlikely that the missiles came from Russia. BREAKING: Biden says the missile that hit Poland is unlikely to have come from Russia — Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) November 16, 2022 As we read in the Hill: President Biden on Tuesday said it initially appears unlikely that a […]

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Sky News Reports: Missiles Hitting Poland Could Have Been Done On Purpose To Test NATO

Sky News is saying that its possible that Russia hit Poland on purpose to test NATO: There may be an innocent explanation. Russian fired more than 85 missiles during the day. Precision-guided, but they can malfunction. But for nine months Russia has managed to avoid hitting Ukraine’s neighbours. Was it a coincidence this happened when […]

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Russian Missiles Striking Poland Will Test NATO’s Reliability

Russian missiles (reportedly) striking Poland will test NATO’s reliability: Reports are coming out stating that two Russian missiles strayed into Poland, killing two people. This happened amidst a major attack in which Russia launched hundred missiles towards Ukraine. One of the targets was the city of Lviv, which is right near the Polish border, and […]

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Pope Francis Declares: ‘Pro-Life Christians Have No Humanity.’

Pope Francis recently stated that he nominated Mariana Mazzucato, a pro-choice professor, to the Pontifical Academy of Life, to “bring some humanity” to the Academy, implying that the pro-Life Christians have no humanity. As we read in wPolityce: While returning to Rome from an apostolic pilgrimage in Bahrain, journalists on board the plane asked Francis […]

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