The Devil Plays CHESS but God Always WINS

By Walid Shoebat


The devil always uses peace when he intends war just as Cain invited Abel to the peace table in the fields, then he slew him.


But the plans of the devil always works in reverse. No matter what the devil concocts, God eventually defeats him. Killing able was sad, but killing Jesus was God’s checkmate to the devil.


Today the devil still plays the same old chess game by advancing his “peace” bishops. Several news articles grabbed my attention this morning, some of which was about Turkey announcing “peace” while other articles show Turkey conspiring to make war in Syria.

Turkey aspiring for peace while planning war is one of the signatures of Antichrist. Reuters just posted a headline that reads:

Turkey’s Kurdish peace process key to Erdogan’s presidential hopes

“The local election results have brought him much closer to advancing the peace process and taking decisive steps. After this the process will accelerate, new concrete steps will be taken,” a senior member of his office told Reuters adding “If Prime Minister Erdogan decides to be a candidate for the presidency, the Kurds will give him serious support.”

Indeed. In order to find a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question, the Turkish government made its most important tactical move last year and entered into direct negotiations with Abdullah Öcalan, the PKK leader serving a life sentence. For the 2013 Nevruz celebration, a letter from Öcalan was read out to the public in which he declared the end of the armed struggle and the beginning of a new political era. The PKK responded positively to this call and declared a ceasefire.

Tayyip Erdogan and President of Iraqi Kurdistan Masoud Barzani

Tayyip Erdogan and President of Iraqi Kurdistan Masoud Barzani

Erdogan’s 45 percent victory in the local elections needs the Kurdish votes. When Erdoğan runs for president and by making a false peace treaty with the Kurds, he can reach 51 percent.

False peace is the key for Turkey’s Neo-Ottomanist success. Turkey’s peace playing is needed to catapult itself as a major global player in the region. It plans to become a nuclear power and one of the top economies by 2023.

But it is by “peace” that Turkey is deceiving many. Erdogan’s sidekick Davutoğlu just made the opening speech at the UN:

No peace will occur without sustainable development and there will be no sustainable development without peace

Turkey is even reaching out to Cyprus

The leaders of estranged Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities of Cyprus on Monday agreed to continue a screening process with a view on entering their next stage of peace negotiations.

Turkey is also reaching out to Hamas. Keep in mind, the Bible mentions Gaza as an enemy in end times. Gaza equals Hamas. Hamas needs Turkey (The devil’s king) and Turkey needs Hamas (Turkey’s pawn). Even the Jewish Press just had a headline “There are three words that explain Israel’s rejuvenated ties with Turkey: Iran, Syria and money.”

Israel needs Turkey to negotiate with Iran and Erdogan keeps a door open to Iran by embracing the Hamas terrorist government.

Israel’s excitement stems from Hamas’s use of the ruins of Gush Katif to build a hospital. Hospitals always excites Jewish folk, until they discover that this hospital will mainly serve the terrorists whom Israel injures with their clashes with Hamas.

Many thought that Hamas now has taken a backseat having lost its mother, the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. But this Wednesday, Gaza’s Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said that his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had vowed to “keep his promise” to work on easing Israel’s eight-year-long siege of the Gaza Strip.

The assertion came one day after Haniyah phoned Erdogan to congratulate him on his Justice and Development (AK) Party’s strong showing in recently concluded Turkish local elections.

“[The AK Party’s] victory in local elections will bolster the Palestinian nation and cause,” Haniyeh said at a graduation ceremony for new security officers and soldiers.
Haniyeh also renewed his criticism of ongoing U.S.-sponsored peace talks between Palestinian and Israeli negotiators.

The U.S. has a dismal record making peace deals in the region. Turkey is viewed as the best candidate who can establish peace deals. The Iranian and Turkish aid will in some measure substitute for the now-ended honeymoon between Cairo and Gaza when the Ikhwan were ousted. The Iranian and Turkish economic support for Gaza today represents a net gain for Israel. So Israel thinks. Israel ignorantly is having an interest in Hamas being in power and as we stated in the past, Turkey will pressure Hamas in the future to recognize Israel. The Devil has a chip called Muruna (stealth) in which it makes his Islamist pawns pliable.

Even former Sharon national security advisor Giora Eiland has written “from Israel’s perspective, Gaza is a state for all intents and purposes because it fulfills the four conditions for that: It has recognized borders, it has a central regime, it has independent foreign policy and it has its own military. The more Gaza is a state, the more we will treat it as one …”

By this, our years analysis would become true, that Hamas will eventually rise above the P.A.

In the next decade, what we will see is Turkey’s further outreach extend into the Caucasus converting them into pawns. Turkey and the majority of the Central Asia and the Caucasus region (CAC) have remained thoroughly invested in their Islamic identity, which will be a unifying factor for the Ottoman aspiration.

Much of the Russian southern republics (C.I.S) were lost and these will begin to unite under Turkish hegemony. It has been Turkish groups, Diyanet and the Hizmet movement, that have been among the most successful in the predominately Turkic countries of the CAC. Turkey’s greatest influence among the Turkic populations of the post-Soviet world derives not from their common ethno-linguistic roots, but from the success of Turkey’s Islamic religious outreach.


But Turkey’s plans to expand into the Caucasus and the Middle East will eventually alarm Russia. Even as we see today, Turkey wants to advance its power in Syria. Russia didn’t stand idle. Russia is now defying the U.S. and Turkey in Syria by sending more and deadlier arms to help Bashar al-Assad score a string of advances against insurgents.

Putin is also arming Egypt and is developing a good relationship with Assisi. He is defying Turkey, which supports the Muslim Brotherhood.

We already see that the two nations, Turkey and Russia will become major rivals in which Christian Russia will eventually crush Muslim Turkey.


Why Russia will eventually defeat Turkey is simple. Antichrist is called the King of the North. If we are correct, and Turkey is the Antichrist nation, Turkey will eventually be crushed from a nation north of it.

Prophecy students need to pay close attention to Daniel 11:44, that “news from the north” will trouble the King of the North (Antichrist) and then he (Antichrist) will come to his end and no one will come to his defense. (v. 45)

One needs to pay close attention to every word in Scripture.

So what is north of Turkey past the Black Sea?

Answer: Crimea. That would be Russia. You can even add Europe.

Prophecy is as if the devil plays chess but God always wins. While many were upset about Putin’s incursion in Crimea, it is a chip in God’s hand and not Gog’s.


With Russia taking Crimea, history will repeat itself. Many Prophecy students lack in understand such history as the Russo-Ottoman wars. Turks remember all too well the Crimean War of the 1850s. At the time the declining Ottoman Empire, which controlled the peninsula, was attacked by Russia, and was allied with European powers looking to contain what they saw as Russian expansionism. (1)

Russia’s pretext for invading Crimea then was its claim that it was protecting Eastern Orthodox Christians who were subject to Muslim Ottoman rule. Turks see an eerie parallel now, 165 years later, when Russian troops have entered Crimea on the pretext that they were protecting ethnic Russians. (2)


Ukraine has served as a buffer between Russia and Turkey. Turkey will be faced to its north with a Russia looking more and more like its Christian Czarist predecessor, with a record of successful Black Sea aggression, first against Georgia, then against Ukraine. (3)

If either the European Union or Putin’s Russia is this Antichrist kingdom, what is north of Europe to come against it: the Arctic Ocean? Same goes for Russia. This alone debunks what circulates the Prophecy arena. The Antichrist nations comes from the north and must have an enemy to it’s north. And if in doubt, try to explain Zechariah 9 in which Ionia is finally invaded by Christ Himself in a checkmate battle that will finally remove the devil’s last chip, king Antichrist.

Relative to current events, the alliance between Russia and secularist Egypt (King of the South) is strengthening, which is increasingly troubling to the Turks. The outcome of this battle between the King of the North (Antichrist/Turkey) and the troublesome news from north of it (Russia) will be a surprise—in verse 45, he (the antichrist) “shall come to his end, with no one to help him”. Russia will again defeat Turkey. History will repeat itself and it will be the Russo-Turkish Wars all over again. Other allies (Ezekiel 28:7-8) which the Bible says are the “most terrible of the nations” will also join in against Turkey. If in doubt, read Ezekiel 30 which occurs on “the day of the Lord” in which Lydia (Turkey) is finally destroyed alongside North Africa and Egypt.

From a biblical perspective, Russia is against the spirit of antichrist while the U.S. is advancing Antichrist’s cause. As far as America becoming a chip in God’s hand depends on how Christians do in America. So far, the Christians in America can’t seem to fathom the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and think that God loves the sodomites more than He loves Russians who fight sodomites.

(For more understanding on Russia in Prophecy read “The Armies of Antichrist is near and Russia will Take the Victory


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