Catholic Leaders: Stop Talking Only About Christian Persecution!

By Theodore Shoebat

Catholic leaders in the Holy Land issued a statement recently saying that speaking on only Christian persecution needs to stop, noting that “usually referring only to what Christians suffer at the hands of criminals claiming to be Muslims, plays into the hands of extremists”.

They continued in their statement to say:

In the name of truth, we must point out that Christians are not the only victims of this violence and savagery. Secular Muslims, all those defined as ‘heretic,’ ‘schismatic’ or simply ‘nonconformist,’ are being attacked and murdered in the prevailing chaos

While it is true that Shiite Muslims, and others deemed not Islamic enough, are also the victims of jihad, these Catholic leaders need to illustrate and exemplify what they are: Catholic leaders, and thus they are responsible to represent the Christian population who are in the most vulnerable state that Christians have ever been in centuries.

I remember talking to a Catholic bishop named Abdallah Elias on the Christian persecution in Syria. When I told him that the Syrian revolution is anti-Christian, he replied with these words, “It is antihuman.”

Sure, antihuman, but why not call it anti-Christian? They are killing Christians, desecrating churches, shattering holy images, and desecrating sanctuaries, every day. The purging of Christians and the replacing of Christianity with Islam, is most definitely the specific goal of the jihadist movement in Syria (and the goal of Islam), so by definition it is anti-Christian, and ultimately, antichrist.

It was this same bishop Abdallah who told me, when I later confronted him on the Islamic heresies that have infiltrated the Church, that Islam and the Quran believe in the same God as Christianity. The only reason why these Catholic leaders refuse to just address Christian martyrs and victims in regards to persecution is because they have bent the knee to Baal.

Their hesitance is purely political. Nothing more. obtained a video of a Syrian Catholic in Syria calling for the Vatican to replace the Catholic leaders in Syria, because of their almost absolute indifference to the sufferings of Christians there:

Christians are the most hated group of people in the world. This fact alone is enough for one to deem the current rise of Islamic fundamentalism as anti-Christian. I wish these Catholic leaders in the Holy Land can emulate John Allen, Jr., a former Vatican correspondent, who said just recently:

Christians are the most persecuted group on the planet