Le Pen on Muslim Children in France: Let them eat Pork!

Earlier this week, Shoebat.com reported on the success of the right-wing National Front in France’s municipal elections. It didn’t take long for Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Party to fire her first post-election salvo. In all 11 towns where her National Front was victorious, Le Pen pledged that no schools would be serving alternatives to pork if pork is on the school lunch menu.

Le Pen to Muslim kids: When Pork is on the menu, you have one choice.

Le Pen to Muslim kids: When Pork is on the menu, you have one choice.

While appearing on French Radio RTL, Le Pen said, “We will not accept any religious demands in school menus. There is no reason for religion to enter the public sphere, that’s the law.”

The notion that no religion should ‘enter the public sphere’ is not one that we agree with. Judeo-Christian ethics are what much of western civilization was founded on. Le Pen should also not be followed blindly. As we reported earlier this week, her father founded the National Front and was anti-Semitic. While Muslims do not eat pork, neither do Jews.

That said, if Le Pen’s motives are to confront Muslim intolerance, this is a good move. However, it’s important that guard rails remain in place. Fighting Islamic fundamentalism from purely a secularist perspective puts one at a disadvantage.

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