Perjury and Dhimmitude on Full Display at Benghazi Hearing

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When former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell attempted to explain why he changed the phrase, “Islamic extremists” to simply “extremists”, he completely torpedoed the credibility of his opening statement. The reason Morell gave at a House Intelligence Committee was two-fold. First, he said he didn’t want to “further enflame” Muslim “passions” in the Middle East. Second, Morell argued that “Islamic” extremists are the only ones that exist in Libya (so much for “Christian” extremists).

However, in his opening statement, Morell said the CIA’s ethical code:

“…calls for total objectivity, to call it like you see it, no matter what the audience wants to hear, no matter the implications for policy, and no matter the political consequences. In short, speak truth to power.”

That his actions run completely counter to this assertion – coupled with his reasons – smacks of perjury and dhimmitude.

Morell’s arguments for removing the word “Islamic” from “Islamic extremists” belied the prepared assertion he made in his opening statement. In fact his two-fold argument completely discredited his testimony.

The former Deputy CIA Director did this further when he said he took out the reference to threat warnings issued to the State Department because he didn’t think it appropriate to do so, despite it being objective, despite it being what he knew to be true.

Morell: perjury and dhimmitude.

Morell: perjury and dhimmitude.


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