China’s Government Harassing Christians as Muslim Uyghurs Declare War on China, Commit Terror attacks

Thousands of Chinese Christians have descended on Sanjiang church in Wenzhou, China to prevent it from being demolished by the atheistic Communist Party that runs the country. The church, which took six years to build, was issued a demolition notice after being visited by Xia Baolong, the Communist Party provincial chief.

Sanjiang Church

Sanjiang Church

According to the Telegraph, the government crackdown on churches likely has to do with a rise in Christianity as it’s widely believed that Christians in China largely outnumber Communist Party members. Of course, the reason given by the government for wanting to demolish the church is to do so in the name of public safety.

Even the left-wing Washington Post reported that “several crosses have already been torn down” to prevent the spread of Christianity, which is growing too fast, according to government officials.

According to the Post:

Several Christian leaders allege that the provincial Communist Party secretary objected to seeing many large and bright crosses during a recent trip along a major highway, and ordered some to be removed.

If the Chinese government knows what’s good for it, it should embrace the Christian population as the Muslim Uyghurs in the northwestern Province of China known as Xinjiang are the ones who pose a real threat to the safety of Chinese citizens. Terrorist attacks by the Turkish-speaking Uyghurs have been on the rise. Last month, the Washington Post relayed reports that some Uyghurs may have been involved in the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner. reported on this as well.

There are no Christians declaring that China is their enemy. However, Uyghur leader Abdullah Mansour, who leads the Turkestan Islamic Party did just that last month, telling Reuters:

“The fight against China is our Islamic responsibility and we have to fulfill it,” he said from an undisclosed location. China is not only our enemy, but it is the enemy of all Muslims … We have plans for many attacks in China.

Last year, not long after the Boston Marathon bombings, reported on the Uyghur terror attack that left 21 dead. Last November, reported on a terrorist attack by Uyghurs on Tiananmen Square.

Uyghur Terror on Tiananmen Square.

Uyghur Terror on Tiananmen Square.

If Christians in China are outnumbering Communist atheists, the government would do well to reach out to those Christians and embrace them because as Islam rises, so will the Uyghurs.


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