Fox News Host makes the Case FOR Islamophobia during interview with CAIR Official

In part 2 of Megyn Kelly’s interview with CAIR”s Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, she called out the tactic of screaming ‘Islamophobia’, which is nothing more than an attempt to smear truth tellers and intimidate them into not speaking it.

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According to Hooper, everything was a smear, even when his own words were read back to him. At one point in the exchange, Hooper challenged Kelly to cite one example in the last 20 years where CAIR has said or done anything hateful. Kelly responded by saying that Hooper defended “PIJ” (Palestinian Islamic Jihad).

Hooper: “When did we defend PIJ?”

Kelly then read a direct quote from Hooper in which he… defended the PIJ.

Hooper: You know, again, when you do your oppositional research, it might be helpful to go someplace other than internet hate sites. I mean, these are the same kinds of recycled slurs.

Only in the world of the Muslim Brotherhood can your own words be considered a smear against you.

Part 1 of the interview is also posted at